Good Saturn And The History Of You

"new moon solar eclilpse in sagittarius"

There are some things I can’t write about yet. They’re too new. But I am soooo looking forward to writing about them when the time is right. And the supportive comments on the blog and on Twitter really helped today. That’s also Saturn. I have Saturn sextile my Sun natally, and Saturn trine Moon: support.

Saturn doesn’t just take away. Saturn holds. Get it? The container? Limits? But some limits are GOOD.  Like the way a fireplace holds a fire. Or the way I hold you in my arms.

And I felt better after writing my Gutted Fish post and really wanted to go the gym again but… held back. There’s always tomorrow morning. This is also Saturn. I have a schedule/structure.

And tonight did a Mini-Reading for someone and one of the things she said in response was that she “loved my style” which got me wondering: what is my style? I have too much Neptune to know for sure so when people tell me… I start to understand.

Which got me wondering: what is YOUR style? 

What makes you YOU?

I was reading the amazing James Hillman on the train today. And he was talking about having a calling… and I do know that the qualities or reasons why people like my blog or want me to “counsel” them… I’ve had these qualities all my life. I’ve learned more of course and have life experience now but… “I’ve always been this way.” I wanted my older sister to be proud of me so I sent her a link to my testimonials page and that was what she said: you were always this way — intuitive, poetic, nurturing.

This is why family is important because they knew you “when.” They are, were, your witnesses and it’s luck of the draw whether they are worthy of you or not.  I hope they are worthy of you.

The way people see you now? Have you always been this way? 

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