Good News For Sky Watchers Who Are Sick Of The Gloom Doom

There is a beautiful serious symmetry to the sky right now.

I was perusing this one astrology app on my phone on the subway and I noticed it: the listing of all the planets in Capricorn plus the Moon in Scorpio and Mars in elegant Libra.

It made me forget for a moment all the squares and Uranus the big bad wolf in impulsive Aries.

Thing is this though — squares are not “bad” in and of themselves. Squares are… ambitious! So you really can get a lot done over the next few days and if you take a look at where transiting Mars is in your chart I believe that will give you the biggest clue for the best place to assert yourself.

Squares make us feel in a hurry. Will you have time for everything? Squares tend to give a sense of purpose. All that gnarly push push push must have a reason, right? Or collapse under the strain. Nooooo!

Square-people 🙂 in my experience KEEP TRYING. They move on.

Do you have squares in your chart?

Love, MP

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