Good News About the Full Moon in Pisces

"full moon in pisces" The Full Moon in Pisces creates a Grand Trine in Water with our favorite Asteroid Goddesses, Ceres, Vesta, and Juno.

Ceres and Vesta are both in Scorpio (determination, passion) and Juno is in Cancer (intuition, nourishment). The Full Moon is conjunct Chiron and trine Saturn and I see nothing to be afraid of here, long as you… go for a swim.

It would be a mistake to try to think or over think or problem solve your way through the next few days, even next week. You’ll only run around in circles. The temptation will be great though. You’ll wake up in the morning with 1000 Virgo thoughts of 1000 things wrong and fix it fix it fix it how to fix it — and I suggest you immediately go FLOW when that starts. Turn that switch off. Turn the volume down. Find the right metaphor for yourself NOW.

What I’m doing is going quiet as much as I need. This calms my brain and the Virgo hamster wheel crazy machine. I even wrote my husband a note this morning. Because when I feel pressured to talk it can stress me out, feels painful. Even to answer “hello.” Or my least favorite question: how are you, how you are doing. Innocent questions but I fucking hate questions sometimes. Because they make me think. I’m not a robot. I actually stop and think: how am I? How am I doing? And sometimes I just want to do what I need to do and flow where I need to flow without that part of my brain that questions: HOW AM I DOING.

So if you need silence, extra quiet, take it.

My teacher used to say that Ceres was about “possessiveness and loss.” She GRIEVED upon the loss of her daughter. And rejoiced when she got her back (albeit for only half the year). Ceres is a tricky energy because it’s a mother’s binding bonding love and emotionally intense. It’s easy to slide into the dark side of Ceres, the mourner.

Juno is also a tricky energy — the faithful wife. The angry faithful wife to Zeus’ philandering . Her placement in our natal charts (and by transit) is where we must not betray ourselves. And Ceres is where we must learn to mother ourselves, feed ourselves, and Vesta, the Hearth Goddess, never lets the fire go out. She is not PERMITTED to let the fire go out. Three Goddesses. Three feminine experiences. Do you see yourself in them? 

Put this all together with your Pisces House. Think of it that way. All the energy of these Goddesses funneling and tilting and whirling into your Pisces House. It’s a lot, but I think you can handle it. You just have to open the door. Don’t bar the door. Open the door. Don’t let the storm batter you. You will feel better if you open to it so it can flow THROUGH you. 

Reminds me of my beloved Jillian Michaels videos when she tells me to go ahead and do the jumping jacks because she thinks I can handle it 🙂

For a ritual, I would call on protective female energy, above and beyond what the females did or didn’t give to you in this incarnation. Most people I know have a complex relationship with their mother so we have the ideal mother to turn to if need be. The Shechina. Mary. Every Goddess that has ever been written about, spoken about, dreamt of, sung to…

It’s a funny combination I think. You are being asked to flow and glide and spring — not be too Virgo (worrying, doubting) but to remain dedicated. Dedicated to what? Your Pisces house. 

1st House: you
2nd House: what you hope to increase
3rd: your truth THE FACTS AS YOU KNOW THEM
4th: establishing your true home
5th: play
6th: daily stability
7th: your Beloved
8th: your ancestors
9th: your education
10: the work you MUST do
11th: feeling free to dream
12th: your mental health

Can you unclench your mind? When you feel that tightening… I want you to notice it. Notice you are doing it. And try to do something different.

Love, MP

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