Good Morning, Jupiter in Taurus!

Jupiter governs our expansion. If that sounds a little abstract for you, think about it this way… Jupiter makes things BIG. Whenever Jupiter touches something (in your life, in your chart) it grows. Jupiter with your Mercury? Any of this could be true: big talker, big writer, big believer. It’s like blowing a balloon. Your breath, the breath of life, puff puff puff, blow blow blow and… there it goes! It rises! People with a lot of Jupiter in their charts tend to… look on the bright side. Or tend to over-do. Or both. It all depends πŸ™‚ More than anything I think Jupiter is about faith. I mean, can you imagine a Sagittarius without faith? Can you imagine a Sagittarius not giving a pep-talk to someone? Sagittarius (or Jupiter types) need to uplift, the way that Cancer needs to nurture. It is an outward energy.

Now, Jupiter in Taurus may give you faith (or return your faith) in the body, your body, its ground, its strength. It may give you faith in taking it easy πŸ™‚ Do you need a vacation? And it may give you faith in money, in love, in security, Venus values. All these things will be highlighted, and your natal aspects will determine how the energy feels to you.

Jupiter in Taurus is slow (and I don’t mean that in a bad way) solid energy. Time expands for Taurus, or so Taurus thinks πŸ˜‰ And remember that Taurus is a fixed sign, stubborn, determined! Loyal! Loyal loyal loyal to the depths and the death. (I believe that loyalty is the highest vibration of Taurus, in addition to the legendary Taurus sweetness, ahhh. Beauty, so associated with Taurus and Venus, is irrelevant. But don’t tell my Taurus friends that!)

Jupiter in Taurus makes me happy for all the earthlings and the waterlings. They need a little support these days and Taurus can carry you. Find the Taurus house in your chart and in your life. Make a note. It’s that area of life that will be Jupiterized, expanded, made big, brightened, faithed.

Note to self: expand your bull πŸ™‚

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