Going Home: Mercury In Cancer

A friend of mine is moving today and surprised himself by suddenly feeling… his feelings πŸ™‚

Of course I thought to myself, feeling all suddenly sage. Mercury (short trips) has entered summery sensitive Cancer and moving is a HUGE deal. Cancer is associated with all things home, family, mother, and memory.

He’s got a Sagittarius Sun and a Cancer Moon. I told him that his “Sag parts” would kick in soon enough and to deal with this part of it now, if he could, since it is happening NOW. Β I always ask permission before I give advice πŸ™‚

We all start to wonder where home is during Cancer Season. Are we at home? What makes us feel at home. Who waits for us there. What is home. What do we want it to be. I feel mostly at home as I type this.

The other day I was on Facebook talking about the bug man who came to spray and how he walked into my room and started rhapsodizing about how peaceful and calm it was. Dear Reader, it has not been easy living here despite good things about the apartment and the neighborhood. It has not been ideal πŸ™‚ but I worked damn hard to create a baby in a hostile womb πŸ™‚

This issue of home is important for all of us, but primary for Cancer Suns, Moons, Risings. When home is off-kilter, so are we.

What planet rules your 4th House cusp? That’s the house associated with Cancer. I’ve got Jupiter there. My first astrologer once told me I liked a BIG room, rather than a bunch of little rooms. Another astrologer told me my father must have been a big (Jupiter) man. I’ve also had many Sagittarius friends, often opening their homes to me.

Cancers tend to feeeeeel things. I know you know this. And moving is hard because we’re not just leaving behind the life we had, we’ve leaving behind what didn’t happen there, what we wanted to happen. But think of it this way: leaving behind that particular sorrow. Don’t need it anymore. It hung around long enough. Done! Next! Graduating. I’m pretty sure I will move this year and that’s how it feels to me, like graduation. That I have learned, that I have earned.

I’m sure I’ll cry a tear or two on or after my moving day, even though I ***know*** the coffee will taste better and the bed will be softer and the sun will shine brighter in the new place.

Happy Trails, my good friend. See you soon πŸ™‚

Love, MP

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