Goddess Trine Goddess (Eris And Black Moon Lillith)

I am not covering Eris in my current class but someone asked about her so I started to think about her.

I have Eris conjunct Chiron in my 8th House (ouch) opposing unstable boundary smasher Uranus. Break on through to the other side.

What is the 8th House? Sexuality. Secrets. Getting close and the fear of it. Other people’s resources. What other people take from us.

We also find the 8th House associated with abuse, trauma, violence, the occult, taboo, manipulation, crisis, psychotherapy, healing, death.

No bowl of Cherrios here 🙂 Spikes and daggers instead for breakfast.

Chiron and Eris square my Sun (men). We all have Eris, the Goddess of Discord, SOMEWHERE in our charts. She’s a troublemaker so what’s the up side? Truth. Less apologizing for who you are. Not fitting in. Breaking the rules and not caring.

And if you’ll permit me to widen my orbs, which I often do in various contexts because I FEEL energy and I think it’s actually more accurate for chart reading and interpretation and REAL LIFE, my Chiron-Eris is TRINE my Venus Black Moon Lillith conjunction in my 12th House.

Goddess trine Goddess: hidden sexuality, hidden sexual power, sex that heals, sex that helps, sex that rewires past trauma. The little death leading to a better life. Venus and Lillith: my inner goddess needing no one? Or intimacy with the Divine? And yet the 8th House is a human house. This goddess needs a home.

Chaos was thrusted upon you. You were entrusted with chaos and you made chaos until you learned better. Let the healing begin.

No answers today, just pondering 🙂

What’s in your 8th House? 

Love, MP


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