Go Spiritual: Thoughts On The Meaning Of The Tower Card

"tower card meaning" That you may be liberated from the confines you have created

Are you seeing the Tower in your readings? Maybe you just want to be free.

When in doubt, go spiritual.

Saturday, May 31st. 2014.

Whenever I see the Tower in a reading, I go searching. After I recover from the sharp intake of breath, I go searching.

Me: I’m afraid of change!
The other: but I thought you wanted change!
Me: Yes but I want to choose it! 

Hence, the Tower. Is it not a blessing to be liberated from the confines one has created? Who is to blame for the confines? Sometimes, no one.

I remember during Saturn in Virgo, Uranus in Pisces was opposing Saturn in Virgo. And Saturn was conjunct my Moon Pluto conjunction in my 1st House and there was also an Eclipse that year conjunct my progressed IC. Within a year I moved… 4 times. With cats. Not by choice. I was belched out.

Every time you see the Tower (and a card reader had drawn this card for me before the first shitball hit the first fan), this does not mean calamity. We don’t look at ONE transit to make a prediction. We look at patterns, more details, intuition.

When in doubt, go spiritual. What do I mean by this? I mean know what is and is not in your control.

I was not grateful for being belched out of my life at that time. Was I miserable? Yes. Was my life wrong? Yes. But I felt drawn and cornered. I couldn’t move. I had moved to that apartment because I had been kicked out of a previous one.

Last night trying to explain trauma to someone. But how long ago was that? TIME DOESNT MATTER IN TRAUMA. For the traumatized person it’s not just yesterday — it’s RIGHT NOW. It never fails to amaze me. How “logic” doesn’t soothe fear. It just doesn’t. You know what does? Empathy. Touch. Wisdom. Faith. Words from the heart. It takes effort to give that over. It takes depth, breath, vision. And for some it’s as easy as making a sandwich. Making sandwiches in hell 🙂 You want cucumbers on that? Hell, it’s what I do for a living. Not the cold hand of logic. The cold hand of logic is a dead hand.

So when in doubt, go spiritual. When you see the Tower again, go spiritual. Align yourself with a more powerful force than FATE. And that is God. Even if you don’t believe it. Even if you don’t believe there is a guiding consciousness out there, it helps to have someone to TALK TO. HELP! 

From a song I’m listening to right now: “Something good will come out of this…” 
-Cedar Lane by First Aid Kit

I’m getting messages but the messages are not words, they are feelings. I feel it in the cool morning breeze through my window. I feel it when I hear the birds sing. I feel it when I listen to Cedar Lane. I feel it when I am brought to my knees by the beauty of this song. I feel it when I have visions of California. I feel it when I sniffle and my grey Kitty comes to me because she thinks I’m crying but I have allergies too. I feel it when I write you these things. And then I remember that I’ve always felt it. I’ve always heard it on the breeze and the birds and the visions of California.

You know I was going to go through the Tower from different decks, discuss the imagery, but I think I’ll wait on that. Save it for another moment (maybe later today).

Love, MP

P.S. The guy, the guy on the left in the Rider Waite Tarot card, he’s surrounded by God. Tarot writers have mentioned (or maybe it was my teacher who told me this) that those little yellow droplets (what are they? flames?from the Crown?Lightening bolt remnants, pieces of fire) are actually “yuds” — the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is the first letter of the name of God that we cannot, do not, pronounce. They really do look like yuds, by the way. Even when devout Jews spell out the very LETTERS of that name of God, they use euphemism. Such is the reverence. My point here is that the figure falling from a great height is falling *with* God. And notice that there is even a little flame parallel to his hand, leading the way.

Notice too that their arms are the same color as the fire/lightening bolt/crown/yuds. We ARE God, never separated from this Essence.

By the way if the word “God” bothers you, you can use another word. Universe. Spirit. Great Mother. Etc.

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