Gloomy Little Poem For Wednesday (Venus square Saturn)

A little gloom for the Moon in Capricorn today:

Venus square Saturn (Aquarius to Scorpio) is not exact until Monday but you sensitives are already feeling this I’m sure. This aspect has rejection written all over it. Meaning, you feel this way, whether it’s true or not.

Read at your own risk.

From the Archives, here’s a Little Poem for Wednesday. In honor of Venus Saturn. I’m going to turn it into a prose poem though 🙂 because the spacing got messed up when I cut and pasted it. It used to be called “For Elizabeth” and was written for/about this girl that I… could not stand.


Someday everyone you love will be gone. No one will remember your hair was brown. You stand at the sink, watching the snow. The moon is all wrong like the boy you will not marry. All the way home he said your name. All the way home across the border, into another state. He was cursing the great, flat Mid-West. Someday everyone you love will be gone. No one will remember your hair was brown. The way you shut the door, saying no to him. The way you moved across the room.


On the up side: Venus trine Jupiter (an enviable aspect in the natal) is exact in the Big City around 1 a.m and Friday brings us Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces (still on my North Node). Mercury Mars is certainly powerful speaking and thinking and writing and in Pisces… we speak the dream of the collective. Any communications you make this day will be… interesting to say the least! Speaking in tongues 🙂 Many, many tongues.

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