Give the Body What it Wants? Cancer vs. Virgo

One last Virgo post before I take a much needed Virgo break. See, I write a lot about Virgo because I have a lot of Virgo in my chart and when others have Virgo-related issues, I want to help. And with Virgo? A little goes a long way.

But first a note about chart-reading: you should make poetic leaps when you interpret a chart. What I mean is: trust your gut. Sure, you should have your nuts and bolts, your astro knowledge in place but after that, use your heart and your… inner guidance system to figure things out. The same is true of the body. These days I’m in the midst of lo-carb land. Actually I’m not in the midst, I’ve just begun, and why? To stabilize my blood sugar, to calm down my sensitive stomach, and, yeah, weight loss.

My sister and I have the same body type: strong, large-boned, easily muscular. We both want to avoid diabetes which covers both sides of my family. I’ve got Mars in Cancer (hers is in Gemini). Food soothes me. Or, it used to. These days I have a more practical approach. Food is fuel, necessary for body/mind optimum functioning. Very Virgo, right? Do I sound like a machine yet?

Give the body what it wants. Not what YOU want in your darkest hour of craving and desire. What the body truly wants is to run well and for the mind to run well and this is a process (again, Virgo).

Nobody is perfect although my South Node in Virgo wishes it were otherwise. Sure, I wish I were a machine, with no needs and just the right amount of… everything, every time.

Note to self: put away the leftovers.

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