Give Me Intimacy Or Give Me Death: Thoughts On The Eighth House And Venus In Pisces

The 8th House rules sex.

I like the way Rex Bills lists it: “sex, sexuality, sex force, sex energy, sex organs…” and a few entries later I find this “soul, liberation and purification.”

What’s not to love? 😉 Clearly there’s a relationship between sex and the soul, whether or not you have planets in the 8th House. In my opinion, sex makes contact with the soul. It’s the portal.

Another angle: 8th House people have an aura of “I got it. You want it you want it you want it? I know you want it!” Cat and mouse. And this is likely unconscious behavior until the person decides to “own” it, possibly due to… unhappiness or dissatisfaction with who is showing up to take what they got.

It’s tricky. It’s tricky to tell someone with a stellium in the 8th House that although they are not responsible for their childhood traumas, that they must now take possession. Or unclench from these no-win, juicy dramarama relationships that so clearly feed them but keep them so stuck. Rarely do I see an 8th House emphasis unaccompanied by some darkness.


Intimacy. Not just sex but whatever we share (or whatever is taken).

“Resources.” Money. Emotional support. Energy. Strength. Love. Bricks. Candy corn. Whatever you have. Whatever you have to give.

The 2nd House to me feels… protected. A fence around it. Hoarding. Separate. Taurus. MINE. Whereas the 8th House leaks. It can’t help it. And people lie down under your spigot and sip.


Last night I had a phone call with my Scorpio friend who is going through hard times, hard transits.

He was giving me energy — sharing what was happening in his world. I was giving him energy by listening, absorbing, attempting to look at his chart. I’d say it was a fairly nutritional phone call. Virgo Moon is funny, always analyzing how things went. Sometimes, after my roommate and I would go for a walk, she’d say: well, that was good! Which reminds me of all those scenes in the movies, after the couple is done with their 8th House moment, they also say “that was good” or some variation. Which THEN reminded me of the Creation Story (which is also related to the 8th House when you think about it). “And it was good.” Virgo takes a step back like that. The 8th House, on the other hand, is so deeply in the experience, it could benefit from some Virgoan distance, don’t you think?

As a Virgo Moon (conjunct Pluto), I always want to do more or feel I should have done more or worry whether I’ve done enough.


These are stray thoughts. I am wondering if Saturn retrograde (structures dissolving) through my 3rd House (writing, communications) will see my writing get even more associative than it is now. But whenever I put two little asterisks I feel aha structure!

I know my posts make people think and come up with their own theories. And maybe that is enough.


In other news, the Stars Today:

Full Moon in Virgo opposing Pisces. Virgo wants us to pay attention and pick apart and find some sense… in regards to wherever the dreamy Pisces planets are in your chart. It’s the overwhelming focus/out-of-focus for you now, whether you realize it or not.

Pisces Season and Venus enters Pisces tonight so I think it will get sweeter. Mars is the soldier. Mercury is retrograde. Neptune and Chiron are not new tenants there. Sun is there now. It’s what you must deal with and even though Virgo squares Jupiter in Gemini, if we stick to our to-do list and clean off our glasses and wipe down the desk and feed the cat something a little healthier to improve their 6th House quality of life and… basically this Full Moon is a brief bright light illuminating everything that has happened in your world ever since Mars entered Pisces. Think about it! We need this light RIGHT NOW. CLARITY!

Venus entering Pisces tonight will add sugar and a longing so intense and immense you fear you may die of what you feel is out of your reach but the wonderful thing about Pisces/Neptune is that nothing is out of your reach. Because we are not limited by our senses, like Virgo is. We go higher. And higher. And higher. Isn’t that what the addict craves? Not to feel limited?

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Venus is you loving your lover. Neptune is you loving God, something you cannot touch, loving everyone (animal, vegetable, mineral) who has ever existed. See the difference? That’s where we’re headed now with this transit.

And the truth is Venus in Pisces or Venus Neptune people… will never be satisfied. Understand this and stop trying to fill your holes with… food, drugs, shopping, people.

The lower vibrations turn this overwhelming energy into trouble-making, self-sabotage, addiction to being the victim, chaos.

But Venus in Pisces (Pisces/Neptune in general) like any good magician can manage this energy with a little practice 🙂

Will it always hurt and feel poignant? Probably. To some degree. But the more you let it flow, the better. Tears are good. So is music. Anything that makes you feel… closer.


Today’s Tarot: 10 of Wands. You really can put your worries down. Those ten wands are spread out like a fan, his muscles are bulging as he carries them. Looks like he’s headbutting them too. The city in the distance. Why is he forcing the matter? He could take a rest. Set them down and take a rest. Maybe THEY also need a rest. Ever think of it that way? That your worries themselves are alive and have energy and you are wearing them out. Imagine the potential next moment of this card, using our imaginative forces (as Edgar Cayce, Pisces, would say): he sets down the burden. He lies down. The burdens lie down. There is quiet in the world. Heartbeats slow. Breathe in. Breathe out. When he returns to his work, he is refreshed. There is no 11 of Wands. We create it. What can also be.


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