Girlfriend From Another Planet (Got Pluto?)

"Moon Pluto"

Ever notice that even if the ex-girlfriend is the same sign as you, or has similar placements, that she’s not like you at all. Or she’s the lower vibration of the sign. The very worst of the sign. Or that her sign and ruling planet don’t EXIST in our galaxy. That’s right, she’s an alien πŸ™‚

Am I a jealous type? Yes, I am a jealous type, and I’m not even a Taurus or a Scorpio. If he’s with me, then he’s with me, and yes talking to or looking at any other woman is grounds for my jealousy. Once again I exaggerate to make a point. Just a little πŸ˜‰

But the truth is, I don’t want to hear about the ex-girlfriends, not even neutral information because none of it IS neutral. And not that he does this, except once… by accident. In context. And once was enough. Because now? It runs through my brain like a wild horse and a wild horse needs to be free. Not trapped in my Virgo brain. (Cue wild horse sound effect.)

It’s said that Venus Saturn people (may) find love later in life. I’m 40 and I have a past. So does he. But I also have Venus Neptune and I can pretend that his past doesn’t exist. And it doesn’t. Those legendary gals are long gone. And I know some people are more open-minded, more detached, more calm than I am but… This Venus in Leo can’t pretend. Venus in Leo needs to be the Queen. Venus in Leo IS the Queen. Never mind that her castle is 12th Housed.

In our composite chart, there’s a Mars Saturn opposition, and I’ve written about this before. I know I’m the Saturn πŸ™‚ A friend of mine said to me the other day, “Every man wants a jailer.” Maybe I should have him call me Satty for short. Or Satie, a melancholy composer of some reknown whose music you can listen to during those Venus Neptune moments. But I digress. Mercury is still in Cancer.

Relationships are what they are: challenging, fun, definitely worth it. AndΒ Moon Pluto relationships are about transforming our emotions. Exhaustingly so. Did you change yet? Did I? Are we better? Are we our best selves? Am I still jealous? Are you?

You know what helps though? A sense of humor. It’s always the last thing I remember that I have. It’s buried somewhere under a mountain of Bergman DVDs. Also, letting the air out. Jealousy can’t thrive if you poke a hole in it. Expose it to the possibility of genuine intimacy, genuine security, genuine love, genuine genuinity. Yes, I made up that word just now.

I tell him that he’s a smart man. And he must be, for choosing me. Over and over.

Isn’t love a choice? Well? Isn’t it?

Note to self: no more mushy posts

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