Gifted: Jupiter Square Chiron, January 15th

Jupiter, still retrograde in Gemini, will square Chiron,”the Wounded Healer” in the sign of Pisces.

Squares are tension but Jupiter squares, in my experience, lead to less pain and more gain.

Will this be true even when the square is to Chiron? I think it’s a “bite off more than you can chew” aspect.

Here’s an example. I had a session with a new acupuncturist and I may also return to the first one I went to.

Jupiter square Chiron, for me, could be… seeing them both in one week, thinking it will heal me better, bigger, faster. (Not that I would do that.)

Jupiter squares in general can lead to over-indulgence, excess. Disappointment. Jupiter promises what we want most. We don’t always get it. Or what we get is… not quite.

The Moon will be in Pisces on the 15th as well so it could be a sensitive day for you, but one of breakthroughs. But listen: you don’t need to act on your beliefs all the time. You can take a mental note (Gemini). Or many mental notes (Jupiter in Gemini) and apply that healing (Chiron) like a gift card, for some later date.

The keyword coming to mind for me on this day is “wobbly” like a wee one taking her first step. She may be full of grand ideas about that first step but then she falls. She gets back up. She falls again. Jupiter won’t square Chiron or the Moon in Pisces forever. She will learn to walk (Gemini).

Find transiting Jupiter and Chiron in your chart. 6 degrees of Gemini, 6 degrees of Pisces.

Now I’m not saying you are overestimating the rainbow or your abilities, or even that the truth is a lie. Not at all.

My caution is this: go slow.

Make sure you have the facts (Gemini). Make sure the facts are true (Gemini?). Make sure you aren’t acting out of only enthusiasm. Sagittarius (in my experience) definitely talks the talk but doesn’t always walk the walk of the talk. (Sorry for the generalization Sag! But we must consider the “low” vibration of the energy. Anything else would be dishonest and Sag hates that ;))

Not that Jupiter doesn’t mean it at the time. Jupiter DOES mean it at the time. But then comes the next moment and the moment after that 😉

The heart of the matter: is big healing coming your way? Big… rectification? Big information. The Big Spiritual. The mission you’ve been waiting for. Your walking papers. And where you’re headed is much much better. Much to do, much to process, but better.



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