Ghosts, Etc. (Venus in Scorpio, Part 2)

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
new moon in scorpio 2011

Last night I wrote a little post about Scorpio Season, Mercury and Venus transiting there now (with the Sun to follow), and that you should find the Scorpio House in your chart to see… what (or who) is coming back from the dead in your life. Why dead? Because Pluto rules death.

We also speak of Pluto as the God of slow unstoppable change. Transformation is the prettier word. Makes it seem like we had a choice in the matter or we went willingly or that we looked good while it was going on.

Venus rules love and money, what you attract, how you attract. Mercury has to do with messages, messengers, communication, writing, short trips, your immediate environment…

So put this all together and… stuff you thought was long gone comes back.

A reader inspired me to write this post. She gave a little scenario, wondering where her ghost was. And it seemed pretty darn clear to me! Scorpio is her 1st House and here she was, is, doing something new and feeling like a fool. The 1st House is YOU. The ghost was, is, ways of seeing herself that don’t fit anymore, like a sweater she’s outgrown. Not good enough. Incompetent. Insecure. Now, we know she is good enough. We know she is more than competent. She may be feeling insecure but even that feels OLD, an old feeling.  So those ways of thinking (Mercury) about herself (1st House), what she attracts to her life (Venus) come up for investigation (Scorpio).

Scorpio is my 3rd House. I plan to do a lot of writing this month and next and also need to make revisions on the play that will have a reading in December. That play is DEFINITELY back from the dead for me. I thought I was done as playwright and here I am possibly resurrecting before my, your, very eyes.

So once again, find your Scorpio House and that’s where you will see old issues resurfacing or people showing up who you thought you had put down for good and forever.

Same question as before: seeing any ghosts?

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