Getting The Poison Out: Pluto Goes Direct: September 16th

"pluto direct"
Pluto goes direct...

Find transiting Pluto in your chart and you will see, at least, one area of your life that’s felt… held-up and shaken-up. Intensely so. And maybe Pluto went retrograde at the worst moment. Like, you’re on your way to  your own wedding and your car crashes and  you’re rushed to the hospital and you’re fine except that you can’t move for 6 months.

Well, Pluto is going direct in a couple weeks. Will you see movement? Will you feel… better? You tell me! Look in your chart. Really. Take It Out Of The Drawer and look at it. Because the more visual you can get with the chart, the more the chart will talk to you, the more other charts will talk to you. For example, just rest your eyes on that Pluto glyph. If he’s not speaking now, I promise you that he will.

The movement may be slow, hard to detect, but it will be there, under the surface. Pluto IS under the surface, repressed, unconscious… so expect the house he’s transiting to get a Pluto kind of jolt.

Just now when I though of Pluto I thought of vomit, vomiting. Expurgating the ugh, expurgating the urgh. A violent bodily release. And don’t you always feel better after you vomit? Even though you didn’t want to? Even though it felt bad at the time? It needed release, it needed to come up and out of you and then your body was able to rest again.

When you give birth to something, and I don’t have any kids so I’m talking about a work of art here, a creative project… when you give birth to something, you must love it, fall in love with it. If you don’t love it, care for it, it will die. And you don’t love it because it will be famous or make you a bunch of money. You love it because it’s part of you, part of your reason for being alive. You had to create it. Pluto rules pregnancy.

With Pluto direct, move forward with your deep self, your dark mind, no matter what shadows, no matter what ghosts, no matter what sickness. If you need to vomit, then vomit. Pluto purifies, Pluto cleanses. Pluto allows the future. How? By burning down what came before.

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