Getting Over Trauma: Can You? Will You?

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Viktor Frankl

I had mentioned this morning that I was planning to write about trauma and Angela in the comments mentioned that it was on her mind too, so here goes.

Everyone gets “over” trauma differently, depending, perhaps, on the nature of the trauma, but more so whether you had/have support after the fact, and did you have time to process. And did you get over it at all. Were you allowed/permitted to experience whatever you needed to experience in order to move on. It’s different for everyone.Who was there. Who rushed you. Who let you be.

Most of all, I believe recovery depends on who you are, who you were, up until that point. Trauma marks time, a space in time, a hallowed out space, a hallowed space, where a piece of you used to be and is now… in pieces. Yes, I said “hallowed” because I mean to say not that trauma is holy or Godly but that the individual’s process and the caring due trauma survivors matters and that the soul is at stake and the soul is holy. Kadosh, holy, means to be “set apart.”

For all my traumas, I wish I had had a place to go to after, to return to, for complete recovery. But life is rarely like that. We must keep going, working, living, relating, no matter what happens. And then there are those who just collapse, stop functioning.

And by trauma I mean: what your brain could not handle, could not process. It was too much. Either because you were young or… it was just too much FOR YOU. I want to drive home, again, this notion of the individuality of recovery despite commmonality of  symptoms like flashbacks, hyper-vigilance, all kinds of anxiety, prolonged grief…

Funny, I had this written in my phone but tvotally strayed from it as I typed here now.  And what’s the astrological connection? I have seen some Jupiter-types bounce back very well, as you’d expect, perhaps. I have a close friend who went through intense cancer treatments, the entire time saying that it “wasn’t that bad.” She’s got a natal Mars Jupiter conjunction. I can’t remember if it takes other aspects but Mars Jupiter certainly energizes and drives that optimism. Never did she feel sorry for herself. But I think that quality, in her, is innate. She sounds a little Neptunian too, don’t you think? Did denial get her through it? Maybe.

The main thing though is that life itself must become “the recovery room,” even if it takes years, and it may. And you must find the recovery room inside yourself as well.

I was going to go through all the outer planets in regards to trauma but I think I’ll stop here. Please share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter 🙂

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PS I am not a therapist. I speak from experience and observation.



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