Getting Off On Saturn

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
are you getting off on saturn?

Are Saturn transits sexy? Nope! Can we make them sexy? Probably not, but I am feeling optimistic at *this* moment… as I have an interesting exchange going on in my chart: transiting Saturn will conjunct my Jupiter and transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Saturn, and both in Venus-ruled houses.

But back to the sex appeal of Saturn. Does he have any? How can we give him some? Well, if you find responsibility sexy or maturity sexy or wisdom sexy… then you’re in luck! Gloom, doom, depression, loneliness… hard work!

In some earlier posts, I mentioned a therapist I saw nearly 20 years ago who influenced me, inspired me, helped me. She had some wonderful hand-outs that had to do with Emotional Intensity Disorder and one line I’ll always remember: Accepting reality is not the same as judging it good.

Accepting reality is Saturn’s domain, don’t you think? Accepting what is happening, whatever it is, is the way of the warrior, is true bravery, because most often what we don’t want to face is imbued with UGH and NO and THIS AGAIN? Don’t make me quote The Book of Job. Well, I will if you want me to 😉 (And what transit do you think HE was having? Probably Saturn *and* Pluto.)

So if somehow we can… not tone down the truth of Saturn but sink our teeth into the lessons. I know, I know you’re probably wondering what the hell I drank today, but I swear to you: nothing! Just coffee 😉 I just know that I’m getting into the habit of… feeling stronger, feeling braver. Well, first I have my panic BUT THEN… there’s something else that happens. Something else that becomes possible. Have your panic but then open wide and prepare for the difference.

What is *your* something else

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