Getting Intimate With Scorpio

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
Oakland Cemetery, Iowa City

Scorpio Season.  That’s where we’re headed. That’s where we ARE.

Here’s a question for Scorpio Season: do you think about your death? Not how you will die or when you will die but THAT you will die.

I think about this as I walk to the subway in the morning. And in the afternoon. And whenever. I’m smoking again so I think about this as I puff on my Marlboro Red, feeling “I’m too old to be smoking,” which is what I feel when I see young people doing the same thing except then it’s “they’re too young to be smoking.”

Our time here is limited (ha Saturn!) and I think about this stuff all the time actually but even more during Scorpio Season and in fall and rainy weather and when I contemplate the face of my lover and Scorpio Season is not about the surface and appearances (Libra) but about what lies beneath. Pluto rules mining. Pluto was the God of the Underworld! Can you imagine being in charge of that??? What would it look like? Smell like? Feel like?

So my point today is….. HURRY UP! In the immortal words of Blondie: hurry up and WAIT. Because you just don’t know and you want to have lived at least part (please dear God) of your purpose: want to have helped (I have Pisces North Node), to have held someone’s hand, to have had beautiful sex, to have loved, to have felt love, to have WON.  Something.  To have known yourself truly. Even if all you know is… what you want for breakfast.  Is it real? Is it YOU?

In honor of Scorpio Season, please ask yourself:  are you on intimate terms with your own life?

A couple posts ago I quoted a former therapist of mine, someone I saw… almost 20 years ago. Not only did she tell me to 1) Show up 2) Find your truth 3) Don’t get attached to results… but she also told me: PARTICIPATE IN YOUR LIFE.

Are you ready to live? 

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