Get Nervous: Uranus In The 1st House

"uranus in the 7th house"

Computer problems unhinge me.

Anyone who knows me knows that computer problems unhinge me.

I mean, if this thing wasn’t solved tonight I would have run out tomorrow morning and bought new. That was my plan.

There was a time I had 4 used iMacs (remember those?) just in case one of them broke, I had extras. Why I had four… I don’t remember but I had four. Or was it five.

Also, the espresso I had before the gym today was a BAD idea.

So there I was in the middle of cancelling readings, sending emails on the Android phone I hate to type on, when my pal called with THE ANSWER to my problem.

He was the first one I called, and he wasn’t there so I left um three messages.

I then texted someone who I consider a tech expert and even before I had a chance to tell her my problem, my friend called back with the solution. He had googled for the answer and it worked!

(And it’s two things that unhinge me really: computer/phone problems, and bugs — but that’s another story.)

And there is more to the moral of the story than that a breve latte at 4pm is a bad idea, and that a breve latte and computer problems don’t mix…

The moral of the story is about love. That’s right, you heard me right. Love. And I don’t mean the love of friends who support you when you need them, although there is that.

I’m talking about Uranus love.

Uranus and Aquarius rule electronics, electromagnetism and Gemini and Mercury (according to Rex Bills) rule computers. Feels like a fine line to me.  Also, Uranus is considered the higher octave of Mercury.

I had no love in that moment though. Only fear. And my bank account if I had to buy new in the morning.

Where Uranus is in your chart is where your energy can volt up in less than half a heartbeat. Uranus rules speed. Did you know that?

It’s like what they say about people with Uranus in the 7th House: they fear marriage or fear commitment. They speed away from the ring!

Love vs. fear.

What do you speed away from? 


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