Gemini Season: Double Happiness

Do you have a passion?

Did you know you can have more than one?

I was watching a coaching guru on youtube talking about having more than one passion as being natrual and normal and Gemini Season is here — Venus and Mercury are in Gemini now. ┬áMonday the Sun enters Gemini so keep this mind: MORE THAN ONE!

Gemini multitasks, Gemini is the twins, likes variety, is changeable, can adapt, is flexible, social, talkative, clever, intelligent, the writer, INFORMATION IS GEMINI!

See? More than one.

And this: where you start isn’t where you’re going to end up. And that’s okay. In fact… for many of us, it’s a guarantee.

Also remember that Jupiter is still in Gemini and the faster moving planets will all make contact with Jupiter there and surprise ALL SMILES in that part of your chart, good luck, abundance, double happiness!!

Love, MP


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