Fun And Magic For Venus In Gemini

"venus in gemini"

Where is Venus now in your natal chart?

Where is your Gemini house (or houses)?

Make it fun there. Take the pain out.

Gemini knows how to have a good time, right? Gemini (and Sagittarius) may have *invented* the good time so you do the same.

Is Venus transiting your 10th? Make status seeking FUN 😉

Is Venus transiting your 2nd? Make making money FUN.

Is Venus transiting your 4th? Make relating to your family FUN. If you can…

And all around the wheel.

If you are having surgery and Venus is transiting your 8th, well, you can’t make surgery fun but let Venus allow you to get distracted, take your mind off the tough stuff.

(Not that Venus through the 8th is about surgery but the 8th rules surgery so transits there include this possibility even when remote.)

Venus in Gemini says Your fate is not sealed. You have options! 


Venus rules beauty and fashion and jewelry so think of this Venus in Gemini transit as something you can wear, shiny, sparkly, happy, pretty. Magical too. A magic bracelet, a magic ring, a talisman. Make something to wear or hang on your wall, above your desk or wherever you sit the most.

I’m not all that crafty, but I may make a little sign or something to put above my desk, among the other stuff I’ve got hanging up there. Venus in Gemini is beautiful and busy. Hang up a mirror 🙂


Let the options and the busy make way for… coming home. Coming home to yourself. Why do I say this? Because when Venus is done with Gemini, she enters Cancer. And it is in Cancer that we find are born i.e. from the Mother. Mother others, mother ourselves, cling to what we finally decided was true, what the Venus in Gemini transit taught us.


Gemini and Scorpio inconjunct and I see this combo a lot in client charts and charts of friends. When you feel the Gem energy has you overly flighty, and you’re of so many minds that you’ve sprouted heads, you can look to Scorpio for help. I know I know who would suggest an inconjunct for help but I am doing just that…

Rely not only on yourself but on the magic (Scorpio) all around you. It’s there if you pay attention. Feel what I’m saying? Gemini distracts and Scorpio locks in.

Gemini is my 10th House. When I feel overwhelmed by career? I will write about it, talk about it. Scorpio is my 3rd House. Scorpio will help me get clear.

Another suggestion: practice working with this inconjunct energy when the Moon is in Scorpio during the Venus in Gemini transit.


Stray thought about chart interpretation for those who are interested:

learn the rules and then let them go. Don’t forget the rules but play with them, manipulate them.

Imagine the chart, the wheel, as a cosmic map and you place your pins there. Learn the rules, let them go, then discover your own. You will discover your own methods, your own genius for chart reading the sooner you put away the books but after you’ve mastered the basics and by basics I really do mean basics – signs, planets, houses, aspects, transits. The basics are your foundations but then build whatever you want to build. If it resonates with the people you read for? Then you’re doing it right 🙂

Gemini wants you to talk about it! Share your thoughts here 🙂


Thanks to new and not-so-new readers for all your fabulous and interesting comments!

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