Full Moon On Valentine’s Day! Love!

Question for the Full Moon:


The Full Moon (tomorrow) is in LEO.

Leo needs… if not an audience then at least a band of dedicated followers. If not a band of dedicated followers, at least a Valentine. At least ONE Valentine! Leo needs to be THE ONLY ONE. LEO DOES NOT SHARE. I have Venus in Leo. Hello.

Full Moon falls on Valentine’s Day in the sign of (in the words of an old friend who has Leo South Node) not just needing appreciation, but ADMIRATION. Strike a pose 🙂

Nothing can ruffle Leo’s fur more than being overlooked. Ignored! Especially after everything Leo has done or how beautiful Leo has looked! And you know what? I think EGO is a good thing. Too much, yes, is bad. But so is too little! Can you image the King or Queen of the Jungle having no pride at all? A relative of mine is like this — she is a DOUBLE LEO and Saturn is inconjunct. Her mane goes limp. Her roar is tiny. A lion who squeaks is a sad lion.

For this Valentine Full Moon Day, I hope you ROAR and feel your ego, your pride, pride in your gorgeous fur and sharp teeth and big big heart. Leo is generous and playful and fiercely defends her/his cubs. Leo is LOVE, ruled by the Sun! Leo is LIGHT!

I tend to believe the Full Moons are the EMOTIONAL times when secrets go from hidden to unhidden. The square to Saturn makes Leo feel unloved. Please do not reject your Beloved. Please give your Beloved a big hug.

More advice: in the words of a dear lady in one of the chat rooms: GIVE WHAT YOU WANT TO GET.

My caveat:  give what you want to get — even if you don’t get it back in the exact form of your longing, trust you will get it back in one way or another. For example, maybe you will buy your Beloved a Valentine but your Beloved will show his/her love by cooking you a meal, etc etc.

Open your heart, dear readers! Please carefully remove the thorns and barbed wire and little bombs and detonations and shrieking from around the curves of your heart bloody pulpy mass of hear! Definitely remove the shrieking. If you love someone, tell that someone. Why not? WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? (Ha!)

I think this has been my M.O. throughout my love life 🙂 for better or worse. I made no secret of my feelings. I took risks. Venus in Leo. And in my chart, Black Moon Lillith is conjunct Venus so… don’t even get me started on what happens when I feel unappreciated! (Yes I won’t even mention the aspects to poor Venus but some of my long time readers are quite familiar with them.)

And if you choose to ignore St. Valentine and hallmark blah blah blah, that is fine but PLEASE do not ignore the Full Moon. I’m a big fan of setting Full Moon intentions. What do you want to release, let go?

Let it go by the light of the mooooooooooooooooooooon!

Love, MP


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