Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Sagittarius, June 4th

"full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius"

Do you want a new adventure? I do.

Was talking last night to an old high school friend who lives across the country from me and thinking that I may visit him. Me: the NON TRAVELER! I don’t even have a passport. Not that I need one to go out west!

And maybe, I think to myself, it’s all these planets in my 9th House now, Jupiter still there, beckoning me to widen my horizon! No more flat screen horizon! Get big!

Where is transiting Jupiter for you? He’s almost out of Taurus!


We’re in the midst of Eclipse Season. We had our Gemini Eclipse so now comes Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter: YOUR EXPANSION. How do you want to grow in the coming months? How will you grow? Is it a love thing? Jupiter in Taurus is Venus-infused!

You know what? In terms of my own life? I feel like I’m living a mystery now and maybe it’s Saturn retrograde or Venus retrograde or Pluto retrograde or ME retrograde. One day at a time AND YET I know things will change. That’s the Eclipse feeling. And taking a leap. That’s also the eclipse feeling because we’re talking SAG! Freedom! Adventure! More leaping! Fewer fences! Half-man, half-beast! 

The Fool in the Tarot is not typically associated with Sagittarius but it’s what I always see and feel when I see him. Setting off. Before dark. With my pack. And my companion (real or imagined).


Where is the adventure in your life? Where will it be? What are you hoping for? 

Do you still hope? Or do you… sometimes… float?


Jupiter can be inflation or excess, too much, overdoing it but often that is called for. Sometimes it’s the only way out of hell. To make a small good thing bigger by belief (Jupiter). It’s a muscle. You can make it stronger.


On June 4th the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius is at 14 degrees and part of a Grand Cross. Sun and Venus in Gemini, Mars in Virgo, Chiron in Pisces (Neptune in Pisces is lower in degree but sure include him too).

Are we having fun yet? Yes you may play cosmic tic-tac-toe with this Grand Cross and love your suffering, love your problems. It’s YOUR LIFE so why not love whatever is happening? Pisces is there. Virgo is there. Serve or suffer. But then comes nimble Gemini and wandering wondering Sagittarius to put you on a new road. Take the wheel, okay? It is time. It is more than time.

(Neptune stations retrograde too on this day.)

What would YOU tell someone with planets aspected by the Eclipse?

Love, MP

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(Pictured is Wrinkle in Time author, Madeleine L’Engle)

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