Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In Gemini 2011

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011"
more than one wolf!

December 10th brings us Gemini-Power! A Lunar Eclipse! A Full Moon! And Gemini is the Twins! So expect More Than One Thing on your mind, in your life, to change.

Eclipses, they say, usher in changes for 6 months to a year so don’t think of this energy as fleeting. Think of it as… patterning, adjusting itself to you and your chart over the months.

What will be? Find 18 degrees of Gemini in your natal chart! Find your natal planets close to 18 degrees (in either direction) and… do they oppose? Do they square? Do they make nice shiny aspects to the Full Moon?

No matter what Santa brings you, repeat after me: change is good change is good change is good.


Full Moons bring results! Culmination! Climax! Fruition! Answers! Decisions! It’s the bright time, the light time, the power time, the Full Circle Time.

New Moons are when you set intentions. Full Moons are when you see where your intentions got you. Where your life Got You. Or not.

(Change is good)

How’s your memory? Remember that New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius? That’s the sign opposite Gemini — so think of these two Eclipses as two chatty sisters… and like I was saying at the start, expect More Than One.

More Than one what? Exactly.

Let’s say this eclipse falls in your 10th House: expect some career action/action at home. Let’s say this eclipse falls in your 7th House: what’s up with your relationship? What’s up with YOU? Ā Let’s say this eclipse is happening in your 12th: maybe your meds need some adjusting šŸ˜‰ And just maybe you’ll finally figure out how you restrict yourself and ready yourself to let go what holds you back… An 11th house transit could mean that BIG DREAM OF YOURS will finally come true. Or you’ll find out who your friends (or your lovers) really are.

Let the light of the Full Moon illuminate the stuff you keep hidden. Way back there. Way way way way way back there. It’s in Gemini okay? Not sooooo scary as far as Full Moons go. Let the monster come out from under the bed and put on a party hat. Gemini is social and Sagittarius is philosophical and these two signs think and envision and they are bright. Know what I’m sayin’?

1. Think your way through it

2. Have a back-up plan


3. Enjoy

And on Eclipse day, since I know you are wondering… The Sun of course will be at 18 Sagittarius, in opposition to the lovely Full Moon. Will the news you receive be put to practical use? Or will it be news for news’ sake, information to file away.

Mercury will still be Retrograde, at 5 degrees Sagittarius. Did you reset any of your New Moon intentions? Hmmmmmm.

Mars will be at 13 Virgo, squaring the Full Moon so try to keep your wits about you, okay? Moon to Mars can be a short temper, especially around the ladies. Or your Mom. And women, especially, I think, should take it easy this day. Get off your feet. Rest. No cooking. Unless you find cooking particularly spiritually satisfying or pleasurable.


And no nagging!

(Change is good.)

Venus will be at 17 Capricorn, inconjuncting the Full Moon. Again, I recommend taking it easy and not pushing any agenda you may have. Capricorn is hearty and strong and the Moon in Gemini is playful but under this sky, I’d watch it. You may over-salt the soup. Or poison it. Accidentally.

The Full MoonĀ (although wide, but I’m giving it) will make a Grand Trine with Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius.

So that’s your heavenly support: the discipline (Saturn) and the dream (Neptune), which seems to be a theme around here lately.

What were your intentions on that New Moon? What does your gut tell you? Are you heading in the right direction?Ā 

The hard aspects are way closer though than the “soft” ones so I’d give this Full Moon some room. Meaning, take a look where it’s happening in your chart and… when you start to feel stressed, remind yourself that Full Moons are emotional times and with an Eclipse even more so. As Neil Young sang, “Don’t let it bring you down.”

And the more I think about it, sitting here, typing this… this feels like a health-Moon to me… that’s why I keep getting mental soundbites of “take it easy.”

The Real Story though, for you, is how it will affect YOUR chart.

Will I be doing Mini-Moon Readings for this Full Moon? YES! Probably won’t start until Friday though… but feel free to email me anytime to schedule at moonpluto@gmail.com

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