Full Moon Intentions???

"uranus direct"
full moon lunar eclipse in gemini 2011

I know we don’t usually think of Full Moons as the time to set intentions BUT with Uranus stationing direct on the SAME DAY…

And I was going to say anyway: the old rules? You know those old old rules? Do they still hold? Do we still need them? Doesn’t Uranus break? Doesn’t Uranus overthrow? Sometimes we need New Rules.

And I was thinking about Full Moon intentions even before remembering Uranus Direct.

Uranus favors the new, the unconventional, the outside, the outsider, the electric.

Isabel Hickey wrote that Uranus was the one planetary energy we could not control.

Expect the unexpected!!!

So while you are contemplating your Gemini house and your Sagittarius house and the affects of next week’s Full Moon on your life, also consider  the house in your chart where you find the beginning of Aries because life will start moving THERE.

And it’s only a few days later, on the 13th, when Mercury stations direct... And then another New Moon on the 24th… and then Jupiter direct on the 25th.

Can you see this? Feel this? It’s lining up. 2012 is going to be forward movement for so many of us.

I also love Jupiter direct on Christmas Day — a fine present don’t think?

And to connect a ritual that I was talking about a few days ago, in order to amp up your Full Moon intentions, pick a favorite Tarot card, And pick it soon because the changes are happening soon and keep it with you or place it where you’ll see it each day and focus your intentions there and use this card as a meditation-point or an image to keep in mind… when you feel stuck, hopeless, lost, hopeFUL… A card that reminds you of where you want to go.

I don’t do readings using the Connolly deck but have become enamored of the art. And this morning I took out three more cards.

Do you follow the rules? 

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