Full Moon Intentions????

"full moon in virgo"

Why the hell not? I know “intentions” are New Moon territory but I want to start a trend 🙂

Perhaps we should call them Full Moon Resolutions! Full Moon Reciprocity! Full Moon Regards!

Full Moons feel more serious than New Moons. New Moons are full of hope. Full Moons are times of clarity.

I think some “no more” intentions, resolutions, rituals are in order, such as “NO MORE WILL I EVER…”

Vow to END whatever it is that is unhealthy in your life. Virgo wants you healthy.

The Moon has just entered Virgo so we’re on our way to the Virgo Full Moon and did you find your Virgo House in your chart? 18 degrees of Virgo is a lot of Virgo 😉

Before the Moon gets fat, however, she will oppose Neptune, trine Venus, trine Jupiter, trine Pluto, conjunct Mars…(oops forgot to mention Chiron again. She’ll oppose Chiron too)

The Moon Neptune aspect reminds of a handful of shiny confetti. And all the trines are a full body massage, and the Mars conjunction is the one itchy scratchy here but.. why not put a little put-put under Mars retrograde. He kinda needs it.

Will you set Full Moon intentions?


Did you have your Full Moon in Virgo Mini-Moon Reading yet?