Full Moon In Virgo (Reminder) + Cancer Sagittarius Compatibility

Sometimes I think
we’ll see our loved ones again
after we die
Once the ego has been laid to rest
All the ones we loved
See them in perfect form, the way we knew them,

when we loved them

Those years, those days.

The way they smiled at us. We see those smiles again


Just checking in to remind you. And the YOU I am speaking to is mainly the Pluto in Virgo generation of the late degrees — because the Full Moon will be FULL ON your Pluto and it can go ATOMIC at any time so watch yourself.

Keep to yourself if you must. Go Pisces with it. Go Sun in Pisces. Float away on a cloud, a cloud of yellow and gold braided sunshine…

In the meantime, something to make you smile, another video

Love, MP

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