Full Moon In Virgo! March 16th

I’m getting that feeling again.

Things are changing. The winds of change, right?

April is coming. There will be a Grand Cross (a stressful configuration) in Cardinal signs, the go-getters: Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn. Eclipses in Libra and Taurus, the signs associated with VENUS. Choose your team. NOW.

I think a big chunk of the Cardinal Cross tension is a familiar story to you. Where the Uranus Pluto square is in your chart. But Jupiter, now direct, is bringing in something new. Something that was on hold. Something you’ve been hoping for. Something you desperately need. Jupiter can promise and not deliver so promise YOURSELF that you will BIRTH THIS BABY.

Suddenly a FULL MOON in Virgo seems like no big deal (compared to what’s to come) even though it will conjoin my Pluto (and possibly your Pluto! I know I’ve got Pluto in Virgo generation readers).

Full Moons REVEAL what has been concealed, what has been hidden, kept secret, hidden away — from others. From YOU. Your secret. Their secret. Revelation. NEWS. Culmination. Endings. LIGHT.

And it doesn’t have to be bad. It could be the end of a difficult passage. Long tunnel you needed to crawl through on your hands and knees and finally you reach the end. You see the light. A glass of water. The faces of loved ones. You are healed. THIS IS A FULL MOON IN PLUTO for many of us, me included. We are healed. Pluto rules elimination. Healing tears.

The Moon rules emotions, security, mom, women, your cycles (menstrual and otherwise). That’s just some of the symbolism. What I do is track the Full Moon in my chart. I do this for myself and for others. I draw cards. Where will the REVEAL take place, what house? What planets will the Full Moon aspect? About WHAT will I feel…. all turned up about. Emotional. Where is the SPOTLIGHT?

The Full Moon is sextile Saturn (retrograde) and is conjunct Pallas (also retrograde). This is extra interesting to me because Virgo is one of those Mercury-ruled signs: writing, processing, analyzing, critical, the critic, judging, teaching, serving, doing, cleaning, ordering, cataloging… but Pallas, Goddess of Wisdom is looking back rather than looking forward. Same for Saturn.

For me, this Full Moon is about where we need to reestablish ORDER IN OUR LIVES. Where doubts and worries have steered us off-course. And we use magic and intuition to *know* this.

Of one thing I am certain: life keeps changing. I know mine doesn’t always feel that way. It can feel so static. The daily grind. The days run together. And then something happens. To me or someone close to me and it makes me listen. To my own life. When is YOUR change coming?

I hear a bird outside my window. All winter long they’ve been singing. I feel like we are coming out of a time and entering a time. Know what I mean? I feel it today. I didn’t feel it yesterday. It’s here.

Full Moon in Virgo says: snip off those loose ends. The Sun enters Aries next week. Spring Equinox. Starting over. The year almost over. New Moon in Aries on the 30th.

Where WERE YOU LAST YEAR? Who were you? What took up your time? How have you changed? How have you really changed?

Are you ready? 

Love, MP


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