Full Moon In Virgo: Dark Horses

I like to do a lot of my astrology “by hand.”

This way, I can experience the chart. I take notes. I make meaning. I do have software and also apps for the iPad but most of all I prefer to be alone with the chart and go around the wheel.

And this is what I was doing this morning as I was looking at the aspects for the Full Moon in Virgo on the 25th this month.

The Full Moon in Virgo at 7 degrees opposes (argues with) the Sun (and Neptune and Chiron) in Pisces.

Full Moons are emotional. Virgo is critical. Pisces cries when you hurt their feelings. Virgo does too.

Already this is some dramarama. Virgo picking on poor Pisces. Or vice versa. Misunderstandings arise that can only be soothed by deep cleaning of kitchen appliances and/or repeat listenings of the aria of your choice. Get it out. Get those emotional stains out!

Jupiter (direct) in Gemini squares both Virgo and Pisces (by degree) and this square feels like someone yelling in your ear. What are they yelling? Facts, figures, unnecessary details, too much information on how to solve THE PROBLEM.

Even Gemini South Node peeps may say enough is enough! Spend the day in mediation. (Ha!)

Sagittarius is the “empty leg” here, the catcher. Be extra nice to them this week. They have the wisdom you need this week. It’s a mutable t-square, folks! Anything could happen. Anyone could win. Dark horses. Races are run.

Softer news: the North Node in Scorpio trines (plays well with) Mars and Mercury (retrograde) in Pisces. Cancer people benefit here, filling out the Grand Trine (16 -20 degrees is what I’m looking at for the water signs).

Saturn in Scorpio, retrograde by this time is at 11 degrees and I can’t count him out entirely even though North Node/Mercury/Mars are at 19/18 Scorpio and Pisces. This is a sky that is looking back. 

The image I’m getting is of throwing handfuls of confetti up in the air. Dispersal of pretty colors. Emotional but  still a lighter than air feeling. Venus is still in Aquarius, the odd woman out. Full Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn. Solid emotional wealth (support). That’s your money over there. I know it’s a penny but, still, pick it up and put it in the jar. It’s worth it.

Bottom line? Find 7 degrees Virgo in your chart because you are being chased THERE, harassed THERE by the ineffable (Pisces), that which you seek to understand and contain but cannot so stop trying. When the offers come, take them, don’t question, don’t look back.


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