Full Moon In The 6th House: Virgo Pleasure, Virgo Fun

"full moon in aquarius"
Aquarius Moon, Gemini Sun, Leo Rising

My Full Moon is making me do stuff. I mean, the Full Moon in my 6th House is making me Virgo-out, man! I am a so-so housekeeper. I “poke at it.” But this morning I: organized the laundry (for tomorrow), cleaned a bunch of the kitchen, cleaned a bunch of the bathroom, organized some clothes, fretted over some piles of clothes (Virgo frets), and more! I also ate healthy (more Virgo) and generally did some other psychic and physical “cleaning.” Is it perfect? No way. Sorry Virgo πŸ˜‰

And with the Full Moon opposing Leo? These activities were *fun* for me, they felt good πŸ™‚

Do you know the feeling? The pleasure in a good tidy?

And you? Are you manifesting the Full Moon today? In what way?

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