Full Moon In The 12th House (For Miss X)

I remembered Miss X is a Libra Rising thus the Full Moon falls in her 12th House. The house of solitude, the house of dreams, the house of meditation, spiritual travel, collapsing of ego, ALL-ARE-ONE, self-sabotage, the sea, suffering, restriction, HOW WE SERVE OTHERS, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, shame, guilt, hidden weakness, HIDDEN STRENGTH. And more 🙂

12th House thus Miss X “cannot see” this Full Moon, right? No matter how big and bright it is. All those  nagging self-critical voices and thoughts come to a head but does she know where they are coming from?

See, if I write this post well enough or at least take a stab at it, maybe she WILL see what’s cooking there. And who it belongs to. The 12th House is connected to the collective, to her family’s karma, to life in the womb. It’s not just Miss X in there, deep in the 12th House. Its wispy tentacles are many and they REACH.

So when I see this I think suppression, repression of WHAT that can finally come to light but STILL she has to tug on that Moon. Give that Moon (mother, nurturing) a hug, a smile, a REAL SMILE, a REAL hug, to get it to open up.

Virgo Moons are not cold. Contrary to popular belief 😉 Virgo Moons are not cold. They are reserved. They need order to function well. They need it clean which may not be clean the way you mean but the way VIRGO MOON means. They are particular. They need to decide THEIR definitions. And they will pay you back in spades oh yes they will. Because they are do-gooders. Because they serve. Because they love. Because they give. Honesty. Integrity. Passion, yes Virgo Moons are quite passionate. Virgo Moon is actually one of THE BEST places to have the Moon. For other people. Other people benefit from Virgo Moon’s meticulosity 🙂 even though everyone complains they are just picky and petty and fussy and critical. This is SURFACE Virgo Moon. Under the surface is JESUS. Willing to die for your sins 😉 but UNDERNEATH THAT is… just a  girl (or boy) who…

But I digress 🙂

So there is something afoot in Miss X’s 12th House. And its about time she paid attention there! I wonder if she dreams of wheat. I wonder if she dreams of pieces, details, small animals, and other little things. I wonder if the details of her life so far have gotten lost in her 12th House and it is to the 12th House THAT SHE MUST GO to retrieve them. Like losing a watch. Like losing a necklace. She must retrieve it. It is lost for a reason.

The Full Moon is trine her Mercury. This is a harmonious aspect. She can finally PUT INTO WORDS WHAT SHE’S BEEN FEELING AND KNOWING ALL ALONG. The Full Moon is trine her Jupiter. It’s a Grand Trine, folks! This is a very “get rich” chart. Rich in WHAT is for her to decide.

There is a plan here. And it’s coming together. I also pulled the Knight of Pentacles. It will take as long as it needs to take. No rushing it. But it’s fated and it will happen and this Full Moon in Virgo for Miss X holds precious information that she needs.

My advice: meditate on what remains to be done, whether that is… on the idea level or practical level. The month ahead will further her purpose.

Love, MP


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