Full Moon In Taurus Part Two: The Good Cheese

I kinda don’t know what to say. A bit stunned by stunning reversals. News from clients. It’s like this sky snuck up on me. I didn’t feel it coming. BECAUSE I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF IT. In the middle of my own dramarama. Thought it was just me. Oh maybe a Moon transit. Fast moving but nooooooooo and I do remember saying that VENUS CONJUNCT PLUTO AND SQUARE URANUS was no joke. Venus in Capricorn. TOO MUCH FUCKING SATURN. Too much slap.

We do not pass go. We did not pass go. Not back to the beginning necessarily. But BACK BACK BACK BACK UP PEOPLE.


Tomorrow I suggest you take it easy as much as you can (i.e. stop punishing yourself) BECAUSE the Moon is in hungry Taurus (or will be, shortly) and the Full Moon in Taurus is an emotional weight around your neck so don’t even try to rush around and rush around (well, unless you must). I mean, if you can slow down THEN PLEASE DO so that you aren’t fighting against the current of IMMOVEABLE.

It’s like waiting out a storm. You got yer flashlight, batteries, transistor radio… but this weekend I’d break out the good bread, the good cheese, a tomato or two, chocolate and of course wine for those of you winos 😉 and the best life-raft you can find, be it body, bone, brain, beluga…

Love, MP


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