Full Moon In Taurus, November 17th

So you’re thinking about the Full Moon, hmm? Recovering from Eclipse Season. Feeling the veil lift with Neptune direct. I know I am! Feeling all of that and more.

Neptune is the most shocking to me though. I wrote this on Facebook last night when I couldn’t sleep:

Neptune going direct is your wake-up transit. Fewer stars in eyes. Just like that. Could feel more shocking than a Uranus transit. Could be some disillusionment. Painful. If you feel freaked, know you’re not alone. Let the reality seep and steep. Take a breath, regroup. You’ll figure out your next move by the Taurus full moon.


The Moon (your feelings) opposes the Sun (who you think you are) on Sunday.

I think this Full Moon is about what you have and what you want.

Do you KNOW what you want? Do you HAVE what you want? How much does it waver? Taurus/Scorpio are supposedly two of the LESS flexible signs, hard to change.

25 degrees Taurus. The Moon will also sextile larger-than-life Jupiter. Honestly I expect a LESS emotional Full Moon this time around, more peaceful and yet… I feel this barbed, painful energy remaining in the wake of the Eclipses and the Neptune shift: “did I do the right thing for me? What is the right thing for me? What is my life about? Vacation’s over.” Not that you EVER were on vacation. It just seemed that way sometimes. Neptune.

The Full Moon also opposes Saturn and you may be asked to pull it together. To STOP being so emotional. Folks this weekend have less… sympathy for your moods, despite the Moon Jupiter sextile.

In terms of what this Full Moon means for you and what may be coming to an end or end point or decision: dig around your chart, find points and placements from around… 18 to 28 degrees. Wide, I know but this is TAURUS we are talking about and Taurus is MOTHER EARTH. She’s a big girl 😉

Which reminds me, we’ve been talking (in the chat rooms – and yes there is still room for you, contact me for details) about the transiting Node heading for Libra and Libra is my 2nd House and one thing I always forget about the 2nd House is its connection to NATURE and the EARTH.

So consider this your EARTH ANGEL Moon. Be Here Now.

Whatever you lost over the last few months is not a permanent loss, and yet you must grieve.

Love, MP


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