Full Moon in Taurus: Meditations on the Body on the Body on the Body

"full moon in taurus"I’ve been thinking about the Full Moon in Taurus. Been thinking about the body. Been thinking about Taurus I have known, just a few.

My father (who I only really have a child’s/teenager memory of) – his body was mammoth (sweet tooth, loved food), then diabetic body then heart attack body then gone body. I remember getting the phone call from my mother; she was crying. One of two times I heard/saw her cry (Scorpio woman).

I was in college at the time, 5 or 6 hours from home. She was crying and she told me that people think just because the years were hard and the divorce etc etc etc that she didn’t love him. She loved him. I find this to be true across the board, at least with women. Even when the marriages fail, even when the men are supremely at fault (sorry but it happens!) the women still love. We’re all flawed sure but being bitchy isn’t equivalent to emotional or physical violence.

ANYWAY the Taurus body. The Taurus body I knew was mammoth then diabetic then heart attack then gone and loved. He always had a woman in his life (no matter the state of his dirty messy apartment apparently) until the very end.  Chain smoker and Atkins dieter to lose all the weight, strict, the skin hung from his bones, died young. My brother saw him before he died. Said that he was done, felt done. Taurus are only alone by choice (there, I said it) or due to other devastating chart factors.

Relationships. They do us in. Family. Does us in. I wish he were here today. I don’t know what I’d say. Probably tell him I love him because that’s what women do (in my experience). We love anyway.

"venus trine saturn"So that’s one Taurus body. Another Taurus body is a woman I knew for years, double Taurus, quadruple Taurus, also loved to eat, loved food (I don’t say this with judgement just that not all signs/people love food so much, they really don’t, so it’s this very distinct characteristic — to fill the body to fill the body to fill the body, to hoard and save what is GOOD QUALITY, nutrients, THOU SHALL NOT STARVE OR DEPRIVE OR EVER GO WITHOUT NOT EVEN FOR ONE SECOND BECAUSE IT’S NOT SAFE AND SECURE TO DO SO AND YOU COULD DIE so a Taurus who does not dive into their food with passion is a “situation.”  Red alert.)

A guy I know who I had breakfast with recently — a Taurus — we missed a museum trip due to lack of time but had a great meal at a great New York diner and he said that was even better!! A great meal!!! And the waiter! Great waiter!

Food and beauty though. That was her, the quadruple Taurus. Obsessed with (not) aging and makeup and weight and clothing and photographs of herself from her younger years, hanging on the walls, and fashion and quality and thread count and the face (and I miss her too, she’s not in my life anymore, I probably wasn’t the best friend in the world, I was limited i.e. I had boundaries, but she was crazy in a way I couldn’t handle, her JEALOUSY) and she knew everything about men. Almost everything. She wasn’t right 100% of the time but she had a brilliant unique Venusian understanding of men, women, and men and women, and hated resented the common cow in the field grazing Taurean image even though SHE used to say how lazy she was and that she wouldn’t clean the tub because she refused to bend down.

A more recent Taurus body that I know is perfect, an athlete, perfect, beautiful, perfect with very distinct back muscles. I work on that, he said. Taurus is always good looking. I know some Taurus with lower self esteem or humility may disagree but I have found this to be a rule. I don’t think I ever really thought of “men’s looks” before him. Not important to me but I notice it when it’s there and then last night I was thinking that all my boyfriends have been good looking (in my opinion and perhaps objectively so). Food, beauty, relationships. Taurus. The Venus ruled signs are beautiful and he is no exception. Not even sure I’ve been close to that much beauty before, it’s novel to me. I actually would look at him and admire. Everything in proportion. Nothing out of place. And efficient too. No wasted movement. Or do you think it’s my eyes? Seeing him with a good eye? Could be. And the slowness of Taurus. You cannot demand a Taurus into action. You cannot scold or guilt a Taurus into action which is why the Taurus/Cancer match when it happens is a funny one because supposedly they get on well (a sextile) but Cancer has all these unintentional emotional weirdnesses and Taurus will not move until it’s Taurus time to move and what does Cancer do but demand? Oh yes we demand. But enough about me 🙂

What do you know about Taurus?

Ready for the Full Moon? What do you want to LET GO?

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