Full Moon In Taurus 2011

"full moon in taurus 2011"
full moon in taurus

We have a Full Moon on Thursday, the same day that Mars enters Virgo. Hmm. Earth. Yum.

When there’s more earth in the sky (that sounds odd, but okay), we feel more solid, more stable. And maybe some of you firey, airy types find that a wee bit… alarming?? Having to stay in one spot?

Earth comes along and says: WAIT. But but but but but WAIT. Stop and smell the earth.

We’re still in the middle of the Season of Death; I hope you haven’t forgotten. Sun in Scorpio, Scorpio Season, and the Full Moon will oppose our Sun and shine a big sweet sensuous luxurious Taurus Moon light on it all. I think we need that right about now.

Scorpio/Taurus were my parents’ signs, and this partnership always make sense to me. More sense than other opposition couples. They both want to own.

So find the Taurus house in your chart to see where you will receive news! Clarity! The Moon will be at its most powerful, excellent for magic. What will come to light for you? What will be revealed? Scorpio Sun has secrets and the Taurus Full Moon will unearth them.

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