Full Moon In Taurus 2011: Who Are You?

"full moon in taurus 2011"
full moon in taurus 2011

I was just writing to someone about their Saturn transit, telling them not to let Saturn opposing their Moon get them down. That such an aspect can lead to despair and gloom, but throw it back! Let Saturn take you to solitude and seriousness but the extra emotional weight is optional so throw it back. Saturn is in Libra so be polite. Say no thanks.  And use your strong arm for the throw.

We can work with whatever they throw at us because we are still ourselves, thinking and feeling and doing and breathing. We make choices. We have choices. So slow down. Even the seemingly smallest choice matters. So let yourself slow down. It’s not always about whether to break up or make up or leave your job or leave town. Go slow like the Taurus! And make a space to receive news. The Full Moon today will help with this if you can set yourself up to listen in.

So here’s my question for you:  how do you define YOURself? On this day? Who are you on this Full Moon in Taurus Day, 2011.

This day is yours. No matter how stuck or unclear you feel. The day is yours.

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