Full Moon In Scorpio: Wolves Of Peace

"full moon in scorpio"

Rainy morning in the Big City. Thursday Morning Astrology. Oracle at the Edge of the World.

And then I think: Brooklyn? Not really the edge but definitely edgy 😉

I was reading a little hand-out from my meditation class when I got up this morning and misread something.

What it said was “waves of peace” but I misread it as “WOLVES of peace” which led me, once again, to the Full Moon in Scorpio.


Wolves of Peace, huh?

Guard your peace. Protect it.

Here’s the water news even if you don’t have any water in your Natal Chart: Scorpio trines Cancer which is protective, nurturing energy. Scorpio trines Pisces which merges with ALL energy, sensitive to everyone, from millionaires to moths.

Consider this merge to have been your life and now the Full Moon in the sign of Sex, Death, and Change says to you: I shall be released.

But who is speaking? You decide. Mars is in Virgo: be picky.

Guard your peace and let go, REALLY let go of what is not healthy to your wolf (says Mars in Virgo to the Full Moon in Scorpio in an energy-sextile — that’s my term for when the degrees don’t match up but the energy is active).


I drew a few Tarot cards for the energy around this Moon: 5 of Wands, 7 of Wands, and the Fool:

Tell your wolf to quit fighting with self. Tell your wolf quit fighting with others. Remind self of Divine Purpose, what Edgar Cayce called the Ideal. Then you can once again attune yourself and allow awesome to arrive (not Cayce language there but if he were around today no doubt he’d be trancing in the awesome).

And not saying the above is easy but it is necessary.

New good fun stuff is coming to a life near you, hopefully yours. Just ride out the bumpy road.

I pulled one more card: 6 of Cups. Awwwwww. You are letting go of shit sticks from the past (see Wands) but some situations, people, Ideals are worth keeping.

Got weekend rituals planned? Sometimes all you need is a clear intention and a candle. Magic!



I am going on a partial-vacation next week!

I will not be scheduling any Email Astrology Readings (Week of May 7th).

You can still contact me though for the Week of the 14th and beyond for my usual Email Readings.

I WILL continue to do Email Tarot though and possibly some Astro-Phone Readings. 

And don’t worry, I’ll keep putting up my little blog posts 🙂

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