Full Moon In Scorpio: WE

"full moon in scorpio"

I love office supply stores. I love notepads. I’m not a snob. I can go to Staples or a Mom ‘n Pop shop.

The other day I visited one of these stores… last time I was there was… maybe 8 years ago and I got myself a sweet little hardback Record book and decided I was going to keep my schedule in there. Write down a client’s name, whether they were new or a return client, length of visit, etc… Any other notes but keeping it simple.

And you know what? It’s turned into a diary. Which makes me wonder if I should buy another sweet little hardback Record book with the red edging and the black front.

This is Mercury-talk, don’t you think? Taking notes, stationary stores, writing, record-keeping. Where’s your Mercury? 

Transiting Mercury is in Aries. What house is that for you? You are talking about and FROM that house.


The Full Moon takes place in my Mercury House, the 3rd House, the house of siblings AND my sister called me today. We don’t speak every week so I think it was/is a synchronicity that she did call today and she did bring me news, the death of a wonderful old Aunt on her husband’s side.

The 3rd House is also “short trips” and I am probably going to take one of those today.

And considering that it’s a Full Moon, I think there will be news of some kind or results or conclusions or revelations. Not bad but… striking. Not even stark. For a Scorpio Full Moon, I’m not feeling out of the ordinary heavy. Just my usual 😉

Oh. I see. It just came to me. The news. I know what news I’m gonna hear today and no I’m not telling. Scorpio keeps secrets!


Have you tracked the Full Moon in Scorpio in your chart? Pay close attention to any planets you may have in the mid degrees of Taurus, who opposes Scorpio, as well as Leo and Aquarius: they both square Scorpio.


Your life is… mystical, unfolding. A mystical unfolding! Do you think of that way? I see an image in my mind of folding chairs now. Opening them up, setting them down in place. All you need to do, when you feel rocked by confusion is… sit. That’s the first step. Not the only step.

For example, last night I attended a healing and a meditation and oh man do I feel better today, so much better. There is only so much we can do on our own, like sitting. And then we must call in the cavalry 🙂


Scorpio is “we” energy. Taurus is too really since she’s Venus ruled and social but Taurus is MINE and Scorpio is OURS and it would be good for you to involve yourself in both and consider this Full Moon in Scorpio how you can share more.

What are you thinking? 


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