Full Moon In Scorpio: Ta-Da!

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So I had another revelation today about a situation I want to leave behind.

Yes, Full Moon in Scorpio is still on my mind and yes I’m obsessed.

And these words came to me which I put on a Post-It on the wall behind my desk. A light blue Post-It, by the way:

The solution you require now is NEPTUNE not SATURN. Transcend.”

I have these two guys in opposition in my chart. They fight with each other. The container (Saturn) and the contained (Neptune).

But easier said than done, okay? Easier fucking said than DONE. Transcend THIS, Saturn!


Neptune rules my North Node and the South Node, let me tell you, the South Node is a pull on you like a box of baby kittens mewing.

You’re gonna sit there and you’re gonna nurture and be sweet and love on those kittens. You can’t help it. It’s what you have to do and what must be done. It’s your instinct. But if you don’t find homes, good homes, the best homes, for those kittens, you’ll have… a lot of kittens.

I have three kittens who became cats and I’m not complaining but the South Node is a point that is hard to do well and yet we must do our South Node well while leaving it to join forces with the North!

My North Node? Pisces. And what’s more is that my Virgo South Node is conjunct my Ascendent and my Moon is in Virgo conjunct Pluto. I have trouble thought-stopping.

So there I was, am, feeling trapped by my mind, working it over and over and over, all the details, the story, the scenario of this situation that I want to leave behind SO BADLY and I’m not obsessing over how to do it or being practical (which would be the high side of Virgo) instead I’ve got the monkey mind and it won’t stop. Monkey monkey monkey.

And then I decided to have a beer. Hello Pisces North Node. I rarely drink. It makes me sleepy. Or depressed the next day. But right now this Corona is ME.


Does the Full Moon in Scorpio aspect your Nodes? It doesn’t aspect mine by degree but an interesting thing that I discovered yesterday in my own chart is that my Progressed MC is conjunct my Sun in Cancer. The Full Moon trines them both. Take a look at your chart. Find 16 degrees Scorpio.

And do find your Progressed angles. They matter.


This morning I put a note at the end of my blog post that I was going on Partial Vacation next week which means I am not going to do any Email Astrology Readings however I am happy to schedule for the week after.

(I will be doing Tarot Email all week though. That will continue as normal. And some Astrology Phone Readings, case-by-case basis though. Happy to discuss current Transits (by phone) if you feel snowed under).

But decided to set this boundary for the week to give some parts of my 3rd eye/brain a rest. But then I came up with this caveat, if you REALLY want an Email Astrology Reading next week, the week of May 7th, I’ll do it, but for double. 😉


An interesting aspect in today’s sky that perfects on Saturday: Mercury in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra. Mercury is talk. Saturn is “talk later.” Mercury is light. Saturn is heavy. Mercury is fast. Saturn slows us down. Mercury gesticulates. Saturn plods. Aries is ME. Libra is We.

And these two in opposition are showing up somewhere in your chart and oppositions have a tug-of-war energy to them, a balancing that is needed. You could get a slap for speaking out of turn under such an aspect. Or you yourself could be too harsh when a cleaner quicker approach is needed.

It’s like… the cute boy sitting behind you in class vs. the mustached old timey teacher lecturing at the front of the class. You need to pay attention to both 😉 They both have something to tell you. Mercury is the Messenger and Saturn is the rules and the wisdom.

So there’s this harshy energy that culminates just a couple hours before the Full Moon. A one-two punch. I have a feeling that this Mercury Saturn opposition will tell you exactly what needs to be jettisoned.



I am going on a partial-vacation next week!

I will not be scheduling any Email Astrology Readings (Week of May 7th).

You can still contact me though for the Week of the 14th and beyond for my usual Email Readings.

I WILL continue to do Email Tarot though and possibly some Astro-Phone Readings. 

And don’t worry, I’ll keep putting up my little blog posts :)

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