Full Moon In Scorpio Is/Is Not A Love Moon: May 5th

"full moon in scorpio"

When you’re in love, no matter the stage of that love or the Saturn of that love or the Neptune of that love, every lunation is about that love:

New Moon, Full Moon, Eclipse.

Is this the one? Is this MY MOON? My Moon that will explain it all or set it in motion or bring me what I want or keep me from destroying it?

Full Moon in Scorpio is not typically thought of as a Love Moon but I beg to differ.

Just this once. Wish upon this Moon.

The Scorpio Moon will be opposing the Taurus Sun of course. 8th House vs. 2nd House, when you consider the “natural” wheel.  Sharing energy vs. keeping it for yourself. Let Scorpio win this one, the Phoenix who rises from the ashes. Whatever you thought was dead lives again. The 8th House doesn’t have to be about who hurt who first.

The Full Moon in Scorpio will illuminate those areas of life where she finds herself. For me? 3rd House. Feels kind of dull 😉 My thinking. Big deal. Or my siblings? Eh. My immediate environment. Hmm.. Sometimes 3rd House transits to me feel like “moves” or “moving” when I see them in the charts of others.

And then I recall that the 3rd opposes the 9th! PERSPECTIVE. And the Full Moon will be opposing my natal Saturn.

Oh well she said sullenly.

Full Moons bring results. Full Moons can bring endings. Revelations. Answers.

But let’s look at the rest of the sky on this Full Moon day: Moon and Sun in opposition, 16 degrees.  Mercury at 25 Aries. Venus at 22 Gemini. Mars ONLY at 6 Virgo (can he please get the HELL out of my 12th House??). Jupiter at 21 Taurus. Saturn Rx 24 Libra. Uranus 6 Aries. Neptune 2 Pisces. Pluto Rx 9 Capricorn.

I like this sky. We’ve got Mercury and Venus still travelling rather closely. We’ve got Mars still moving towards his trine with Pluto. Saturn gets support from both Venus and Mars – whatever you thought was so hard, so harsh? It’s better now, by the light of the Moon.

Set your Full Moon intentions. What are you leaving behind? 8 of Cups, yo!


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