Full Moon In Scorpio: Death And The Maiden

"full moon in scorpio"

Oy the body! We must pay attention to it.

The other day I noticed my ankle was aching. Didn’t pay attention. Figured I banged it on something. Forgot to take a look. Yesterday at some point, hours after the treadmill I remembered to take a look. Lots of bruising on my foot. How did that happen? Where did that come from?

So I’ll be taking a break from the treadmill. At least a week. Not such a big deal because it dovetails with my Lady Cycle which seems to be aligned with the Full Moon these days.

But I cancelled my 1st Boxing Lesson this week which blows but obviously my body needs a different kind of attention at the moment. Rest.


Today the Sun is Taurus, the Moon is in Virgo, Mars in Virgo, Jupiter in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn. Earth, earth, earth, and earth!

Do you listen to your body? What is your body telling you? 

I am going to rest SOOOOOOO much this week. It’s going to be awesome. That’s my R& R: Readings and Rest.


"sun trine pluto"

A few days ago a querent asked me a question of timing. And I am talking about this querent without giving specific details (to protect confidentiality) but she asked me about the timing of the death of a loved one who was quite ill. And she was bold about asking, unafraid to ask, which I admire.

I didn’t question their desire to know or ask. I don’t judge. And I want to do my job like a good Virgo Moon Pluto. Taking the storyline away, a question like any other. But… not really.

I am telling this story because I love to talk about the process of doing readings of all kinds and because it is a Full Moon in Scorpio story. The Full Moon in Scorpio is a Full Moon in Pluto. Death. Literal or not.

I drew some cards and came up with a number and yet I knew inside that it didn’t feel right. Didn’t click. I was “trying” rather than receiving. We emailed a little bit and eventually I pulled a few more cards and then got an answer that felt right to me and I was right (as it turns out).


Full Moon in Scorpio this weekend: what will you banish? what needs to go?

And one awesome thing about a Full Moon in Scorpio is that it opposes Taurus 🙂 Scorpio may be the death but Taurus is the wake.

If you find yourself grieving, mourning, wailing, writhing, pining, imagining the worst, don’t forget to feed yourself. Real Food. Denial may feel right but remember YOU ARE ALIVE. Sun in Taurus = you are a tree. Water, sunlight, soil. And then go back to your dark little Full Moon in Scorpio corner and rest more.


"full moon in scorpio"

This picture is from last year: my Full Moon in Scorpio face 😉

Tomorrow is looking busy for me but I do have time this week for scheduling Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Scorpio or any of my usual stuff!

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