Full Moon In Scorpio: CUT!

"full moon in scorpio"

I felt the lessons of current transits were brought home to me last night — Sun trine Pluto, the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio, Pluto Retrograde.

And for me it is all pointing back to one (or two things): boundaries and growing a spine (or pear, to quote the lovely Ke$ha ;))

And actually, now that I sit here, typing this, I realize it’s a Saturn Lesson too. If you don’t govern yourself, then others will govern you. If you don’t live your life with spine, with WILL, then others will break yours over their knee.


I’ve been working with peeps under both Saturn and Pluto transits this year and I am thinking of a lady who commented yesterday about not really feeling all the wonderfulness and sugarpop (my words) of transiting Pluto trine  her Sun.

Well, let me tell you this, Sugarpop: with a trine? There IS a yellow brick road. You can open your eyes, put on your ruby slippers and follow it. It’s there. There’s Spiritual Help, Guidance, that is just… BRIGHTER to the naked eye… than with a square, for example.

"sun trine pluto"

Last night I felt this profoundly (felt what? felt transiting Pluto trine my ASC as well as Sun trine Pluto in the sky) when I felt a crisis inside me and my heart beat so so so so fast and I would fall asleep and then wake up and it would start up again and I did a visualization/meditationlet me digress here so I can share it.

I imagined myself going into my heart, like a little pilot, touching my heart. That my heart was… like these pictures we see of the chakras, a big flower, petals, and it would change colors and when I would get anxious, the flower was grey or black and tight and suffocating and then I would touch the flower and the colors would get lighter, light blue, some red, but it kept returning to this light blue color. 


And at one point when I fell asleep and woke up I thought: aha! There is a solution! THAT is Sun trine Pluto energy.

If you have Pluto square Pluto, for example… you just aren’t going to feel as confident although you will feel as pushed AND more trapped, more silenced, more battered.

Now this doesn’t mean that Pluto square Pluto is a death sentence. I survived mine. But it IS a different energy than a trine. That is life. Getting robbed feels different than a birthday party. That is life.


Another thought on this topic and my night last night is the 8 of Swords, a card I’ve been seeing a lot lately, and I was feeling it last night but it was as though the swords were in me, rather than around me, and I was blindfolded just like the girl in that card and the thing was… I wasn’t supposed to move. I wasn’t supposed to remove the sharp pieces. That with the 8 of Swords, sometimes you have to remain in place, with the pins still in you because that’s where you are. Don’t jangle. Don’t push the swords in further. Don’t yank them and bleed out.

(Funny, in my head last night I was conflating the Rider Waite image with an image from the Connolly Tarot but then this morning went to check my deck and realized that the Connolly image I was thinking of was the TEN OF SWORDS! Even better says my Higher Self, even better. End of a cycle.)

"full moon in scorpio"


The moral of all this story is my 1st point: the day will come, and God willing let it be soon, when you feel strong enough to make calm clear authentic choices, not from crisis but from WHAT YOU WANT.

And, yes, others may have a problem with this. You will need to leave those folks by the curb and let someone else drive them around. They will whine but they have the same task set before them. And if not in this lifetime, then in the next and the next and the next.

The Full Moon in Scorpio which is really a Full Moon in Pluto says: CUT!

And then? Keep calm and carry on. And keep your swords close. They are yours.


xo Big Hugs and Kisses from the Big City xo

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