Full Moon In Scorpio And The Redemption Of Venus (Again)

"full moon in scorpio"

So I’ve decided on my Full Moon In Scorpio “intention.”

I’m going to remove my Venus in LEO from my 12th House.

Pluto, Scorpio’s co-ruler, rules surgery.

It may take sleight of hand. Or the latest technology. Or a jackhammer. Or a rifle. It may take the help of a magician, priest, and shaman. It may take a team of wild horses, but I am going to do it.

Release her.

I believe it will save me.


12th House people self-undo. That’s an old-fashioned term for the 12th House and I believe it’s true. The 12th House rules prison. But it also rules ESCAPE. And denial.


Did you ever decide to move one of your planets? Through magic or other means? Some people play with house systems. This sometimes moves their planets.

It would be funny if you were at a cocktail party with other astrologers.

“Why yes, I did have Venus in the 4th House but found I had trouble detatching from my family so I had it removed.”

“Oh really? Where did you move it to? 5th House?”

“Nowhere. I took it out. Didn’t put IT anywhere.”

“You took out your Venus.”



I’m not going to remove my Venus altogether. But I am going to redeem her. Something I’ve talked about before on here. To redeem: what once was thought worthless.

Venus in Leo should have PRIDE. Venus in Leo DOES have pride. Venus in Leo in the 12th House is a confused lion.


I don’t mean to sound all glum. I love writing these posts and I am looking forward to this Full Moon in Scorpio as much as anyone can look forward to a… high colonic?



Where will you experience the urge to purge? Find your Scorpio house!


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