Full Moon in Pisces Weekend: It Takes A Train To Cry

"sun pluto opposition"Frankly I think it helps to have a spiritual counselor who’s been ground down to a fine powder every once in a while. I wouldn’t trust anyone who hadn’t walked a hard road. Just like I wouldn’t trust a relationship counselor who hadn’t been divorced. Or a grief counselor who hadn’t grieved. Seriously.

Seriously. I know suffering doesn’t always equal wisdom but I need to know someone has prayed. Wait. Prayer isn’t the word I’m feeling right now. It’s Nine of Wands (from the Legacy of the Divine) and part Tower and part Three of Swords and part Star and… someone who didn’t walk through the valley of the shadow of death but perhaps rented a room there for a short time. And then got a better place. Not some pretty, casual “Oh please help me Lord” prayer. I’m talking about SCREAMING. Screaming your head off see yourself in slow motion “prayer.” Yeah. That kind.

This weekend’s Full Moon is not going to be “easy,” and I think you are just going to have to go with it and surrender.

Last night on my block around 4 a.m. there were teenagers with baseball bats screaming their heads off. I’ve lived in NYC a long time, in Brooklyn a long time, and never seen or heard anything like this. Four, five, six of them. Couldn’t understand what they were screaming either. More like glass breaking was what I heard. Some folks came out of their building across the street threatening to call the cops and I realize now maybe someone from that apartment was an intended target. Or maybe not. I heard a woman’s voice. It was a woman on the street yelling at these kids with bats at 4 a.m. A woman. It’s always a woman telling chaos to fuck off.

"full moon in pisces" Full Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune opposing the Sun and Jupiter. Pisces and Neptune rule drugs and addiction and swirling and stupidity and I think you will see an increase in this behavior and attitude and smell this weekend. My advice is to surrender and sleep and AVOID THEM so that next week when the glass has been swept away you can think clearly (Sun in Virgo), keep a positive (Jupiter) mind (Virgo).

And then on Monday, Tuesday, after your weekend of surrender and sleep, you get back to work and take control of your life. Tell chaos to FUCK OFF too.

But first you must rest. Rest.


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