Full Moon In Pisces: Spirit (Part 4)

"moon pluto"
Senja the Yellow Dog

The lunations are like Christmas to me. I think to myself: what will the New Moon bring me? What will the Full Moon bring me? (Never mind that I’m Jewish ;))

When I was a kid, my best friend who lived across the street was Catholic, her family from the Dominican Republic and on Christmas Eve we would look up at the sky, looking for, listening for, sleigh bells. We shared each other’s holidays. I remember one year giving her a Leif Garrett 45 wrapped in shiny red paper. I had hidden the small square in my closet for weeks. She would come over at the end of every Shabbat (Sabbath) for Havdalah, a Saturday night ritual which separates the Sabbath from the start of the week.

What will the Pisces Full Moon bring you? It will visit which house in your chart?

For me, it’s a 7th House transit and as a worrying Virgo Moon Pluto conjunction I wondered about the fate of my relationship. Full Moons can bring endings, deaths, and I am losing a doggy friend this weekend, which is most definitely a 1:1 relationship: 7th House.

Full Moons also bring news. Could even be good news 🙂 And the Full Moon is well aspected in my chart. Well, it does oppose my natal Moon, guaranteeing some degree of emotionality, but… I’m used to that 😉

The Moon will sextile my Saturn: good. It will trine my Sun and Mercury: also good. If I really wanted to stretch it, I could give myself a Grand Trine, pulling in my natal Neptune. I won’t go there yet, BUT if I receive some good news? Then I will go there!

I’m curious about you though. If you haven’t already explored this, then please do. Get your chart and your Green Tea Latte and your gluten-free croissant 😉

Remember that on a Full Moon, the Moon opposes the Sun. Interesting, huh? Think about it symbolically. What words show up for you? I think of it as the Personality or Mind vs. the Heart Center. A Virgo Sun with a Pisces Moon can be so fussy and yet so… ethereal, transcending all earthly fusses! What balance is needed? Do they meet in the middle?

The Moon is always about moods, fluctuations, changes and the Sun, symbolically, is steadfast in its beating light.  I wouldn’t say these two are at war on a Full Moon but they do compete for our attention.

On which side will you err? Will you be Virgo? Will you be Pisces? Will you be Sun or Moon? Will you be both? What will change, like the Moon? What will stay the same, like the Sun? What will become spirit? What will stay matter? What will you struggle to hold onto? Will you win? Will the Full Moon win? 

My condolences to the dear family who are losing Senni this weekend. I will remember her happy and smiling like in this picture.

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