Full Moon In Pisces, Part 3: Silence

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Listening to the Full Moon in Pisces

And one more thought on the Full Moon in Pisces, although there may be more. Silence. Talking about silence because the 12th House is Pisces natural house and 12th House people tend to need… to disappear.

I have Venus in the 12th House and I need a lot of silence. I need music too, voices, people, but I was watching a movie about Beethoven and he was telling someone about the silence between the notes. That that is when you hear yourself, and God, most clearly.

That’s what I want you to listen for this Full Moon in Pisces. The silence between the notes of your own beating heart, the silence between each breath. My meditation teacher always talks about the silence when we say a mantra and then there’s that pause before the next round. The space in between.

I would also like to connect this idea to my previous post on welcoming Libra Season and finding balance. The 12th House is a place where you can go. You can find your balance there. You can be quiet, you can sit still, you can release… what you need to release. Full Moons can be times of letting go, endings, deaths.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the Full Moon energy, if she makes some difficult aspect in your natal chart, remember that the 12th House is your way out, your escape. You can be silent there, you can sit still, you can release all that has become unnecessary, superfluous, painful. Let it all go. Put the burden down and transform it into something that fits in the palm of hand like a feather. How easily you blow on it and it… it just fall away.

On this Full Moon, be the Piscean mystic who hears everything, even, especially, the silence between the notes.

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