Full Moon In Pisces: Magic (Part 5)

"moon pluto"

I had trouble sleeping the last two nights and one of the times that I woke up, in the wee hours, I had an image of Virgo magic: I was sweeping, sweeping up anything that fell: shards, pieces. It was my life. Dust.

You know, with each disaster, I think I become more raw, more open. And yet stronger too. I am emotional, yeah, and I think that disguises what’s inside. I mean, a Cancer Sun is more than her tears. Only an idiot can’t see this.

I’m going to relate this to the Full Moon in Pisces. Yeah, I realize I’m obsessed at the moment with the Full Fucking Moon in Pisces. So there!

And then I was thinking that maybe that’s partly why I can do this work (i.e. the chart work), to whatever degree I can. I stayed open.  Did you? Did you stay open? How shut down are you really? What would happen if you did? If you opened up that clenched fist of yours? 

You Pisces Suns and Moons out there, Pisces Rising too: do you feel vulnerable? How vulnerable do you feel? Crackable? Raw? Wounded? Too damn sensitive! That’s what they say, right?

Pisces has magic, just like Virgo. Pisces melts, merges, loses self, becomes all. They fit between the cracks in the walls. Virgo sweeps. Virgo is the broom. And Pisces? Pisces is the stuff we sweep, the dust we trample under foot, the dust we return to.

Virgo (body) and Pisces (spirit) oppose each other on the wheel. They need each other. Their union is what SAVES us, redeems us, yes.  I think I am in love with this opposition.

What are you in love with, astrologically, these days? 

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