Full Moon In Love, Full Moon In Libra April 6th

full moon in libra

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Not long after I started this blog, I started doing Mini-Moon Readings for New and Full Moons which turned into doing Mini-Readings on any topic really, as long as it was a zoom-in, not too broad. Mini-Tarot too. So with the Full Moon in Libra coming YES I am, will be, doing Mini-Moon Readings. These are 15 minutes, email only. Visit the links on the left for rate info. Cancerian nurturing included. Commercial over 🙂


Full Moon energy is intense and how intense depends on your chart and one would think a Full Moon in Libra would be, well, less intense, more polite 😉

This  Full Moon in Libra is a bright light and will show you where you are being authentic and *inauthentic* in your life.


Saturn is in Libra and I deal quite a bit with Saturn-Pluto in Libra clients and life is anything but… polite these days for them! And it’s not that I see super struggle in this age-group. The ones I hear from aren’t falling between the cracks. They are smart and daring and insightful and I keep wanting to write posts in praise of these young people who are older than their years.


What Full Moons are good for:

*ritual work and magic

*setting intentions. Yes, you can set intentions for Full Moons too

*meditating on what is leaving your life and what you want to come in to your life

Full Moons = endings, culminations, results, fruition, a sense of FINALLY. Sometimes we hear news, information is given, secrets are revealed. Tables turned.


With the Full Moon in Libra, our relationships will be illuminated.

How we relate. To whom we relate. Why we relate. Are you relating to the wrong people? Do you need to tweak your manners? Are you living on the surface and need to go deeper? Are you too much alone? Are your partnerships lacking? Are you a mirror and nothing more? A people-pleaser and nothing more? Where *are* YOU? Do you seethe under the surface as you give to everyone and forget yourself? They don’t mind that you forget yourself.


Some Libra keywords to help you free-associate: alliances, affection, beauty, balance, art, companionship, compromise, diamonds, justice, social life. ACTORS AND ACTING.

Saturn in Libra asks: are you genuine?


The Full Moon in Libra beckons you to stop being so *damn nice* and instead to… figure out your own wants and needs. Your story. Your truth. Be more than a mirror, Libra. But look lovely while doing the soul-searching 😉


Let’s talk stats: the Full Moon will be at 17 degrees and on Full Moon day the Sun opposes the Full Moon of course, in Aries, at the same degree. Mercury has been direct for a couple days and is at 24 Pisces.

Venus is newly in Gemini, at 2 degrees. Mars rx in Virgo at 4 degrees.

Jupiter in Taurus at 14 degrees, Saturn rx in Libra at 26.

Uranus at 5 Aries, Neptune at 2 Pisces, Pluto at 9 Capricorn (who will go retrograde on the 11th).

So in terms of aspects, the Full Moon is conjunct Saturn retrograde. It’s a little bit wide but I count it. It’s too important NOT to count and this tells me that your Saturn in Libra issues, your Saturn in Libra story WILL be under the BIG LIGHT of the Moon.

Expect your story to be told over and over in your head. It may feel a little… untoward at times but if you err on the side of Libra values and Libra ideals, you should be fine. Libra is an air sign. Well-spoken, well-heeled, sweet and not sloppy. The sign that rules beauty and fashion is especially concerned with the outsides and you would not be mistaken to tend to the outsides, the outlines for this Full Moon as well.

The Full Moon also inconjuncts Jupiter — I don’t think this is a bad aspect but again pointing out what is important to you, what do you want to change. When you receive news on Full Moon day, is it the news you expected. Are you working on the right stuff in your life? Or are you misguided? Do your outsides match your insides?

I don’t feel a harsh energy around this Moon. She’s too polite for that. But with Saturn there? With a Moon Saturn energy? We’re not totally off the hook which is a good thing I think. Our lives our serious. It’s all we have.


Take out your chart and find 17 degrees… give or take 2 or 3 on either side and you’ll find how the Full Moon aspects your chart. Or you can contact me for a Mini-Moon Reading 🙂


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