Full Moon In Libra: Who Do You Love?

"full moon in libra"

I want to suggest that you do a Full Moon tarot reading for yourself.

And I know reading for oneself is controversial but try it anyway. No pressure. No expectation. Just see what shows up, what the energy is.

And if you get any “scary” cards then think of them as “mind-states” rather than outside events coming to knock you down.

Like, if you get the Tower, the old ways you deal are falling. Or if you get Death, you are changing inside. And these cards can be “good.” Context is everything!

So pick one card to represent you. I never used to use this method but have started to all of a sudden in my readings for others. One initial card and then I put three or four cards around the initial one as the energy around the person.

Try this for yourself. 1. Where you are now and then 2. What’s around you

And have as your intention this Full Moon and the Libra news that it will bring, news around relationships, news around your Libra House, emotional news but handle the emotions with Libran grace and charm and beauty and poise and balance and harmony.

For me it’s 2nd House: what I value, what I want, what I possess ,what I earn, what I keep, what I give, what I share. These fluctuate in my life — I have Uranus in Libra and Jupiter in Libra (not conjunct) in this house (and damn I wish they were conjunct!)

Jupiter is a key for me this Full Moon and it may not be so for you because your chart is different.

What is your Full Moon key, your Full Moon brightest light? Does the Full Moon aspect your Venus in any way? Remember that the Full Moon in Libra causes us to peer into our Gemini House because Venus is in Gemini now.

See how that works? Full Moon in Libra = Venus “rules” this Full Moon = look not only at your Libra House but your Gemini House too. What’s the connection?

Full Moons show results. Are you seeing fruits of Libran labor? Have the matters of your Libra House sprouted? What about your Gemini House?

And this:  Are you alone? Are you partnered? And I don’t mean only romantically…

Who do you love?  asks the Full Moon in Libra.


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