Full Moon In Libra, March 27th: Endings Are Beginning

I was inside far too much today but I kept taking breaks, sneaking outside to look up at the moon, not full yet but getting there, low in the cloudless sky. Couldn’t remember the last time I saw it so clearly or the stars that I could see now if I were to open that door and walk out.

And yes the Full Moon in Libra is opposing an army of planets in Aries (and squaring Pluto) but also trining Jupiter. Focus there when the going gets tough, when the news or the revelations or the emotions threaten to burn you down. It’s a big fire. You will not be able to put it out. Walk into it. 

Full Moons are endings. Endings are beginning(s). I drew three Tarot cards for the collective and the final one was the 8 of Cups. Who, what, is leaving your life? It is an old and crippled thing. Mercy-kill it and give it a proper burial. I have a feeling that, more than anything, it’s the way you’ve been thinking and living for far too long. Jupiter = perspective.

Check your own chart for more information. Even though this moon is stressed overall, she may be living it up in your natal 🙂 Look for 6, almost 7, degrees of Libra. Tiptoe across that Libra/Aries axis.

What’s at stake for you? 

Love, MP


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