Full Moon In Libra: In The Valley

That we were driving, and I don’t even remember where we were driving.

I never remember the names of streets or destinations unless I write them down, unless I make a point. He mentioned that we were going from one end of the valley to the other. For me. He had shown me one thing, and then was going to show me another thing. Because I wanted it. Because I fell in love with this land.

This isn’t the desert he said, about where we were. This is wasteland. And I wanted to cry, not because I was sad or in pain but because I was so moved by all this… space and sky.

See, I live in the land of row houses, brownstones, skyscrapers, subways and I came here and I got dust on my boots, and I saw Joshua trees and red mountains and empty miles and the Hoover Dam 🙂 and the wasteland. Half the time I was a pounty Cancer, not sleeping well, we were chain-smoking, and the evenings long into the nights were spent talking and talking and talking. Secrets revealed. Revelations. Full Moon style. There was junk food. There was a lot of junk food. There was downtown Las Vegas. There was one single slot machine that I played on my way back home. I felt lucky.

What’s the difference I said, between the desert and wasteland.

A wasteland is destroyed, he said. In the desert, there’s hope.


According to my book, no more exact aspects today. The Moon is done with her work but I still feel it.

We’re under the weight of this Full Moon in Libra, Full Moon in relationships.

I was working this morning but will be spending the rest of the day recovering from jet lag 🙂 and the SLEEP is amazing. I have gone places today in this sleep. Tomorrow we’re back to normal, tomorrow we’re back in Ariesland. We’re more direct with our wants, hopes, needs. Our “I” returns.

Mercury will trine Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde): your thinking about the past, about what has happened, is clear and true. Don’t doubt yourself. You know what’s what. Maybe you feel pushed or confused, but that sensation is an old habit. Everything is new now. Aries. The beginning. You’re not locked in no matter how much you wish you were.

Sun in Aries, Venus in Aries, Uranus in Aries = conjunct, a stellium. An army. There is someplace in your chart that you must pay attention to, can’t help but pay attention to, cannot deny, can deny at your own risk, and must love. Fearlessly. You. Aries is fearless. Aries walks in and you have no choice so tomorrow it’s back to work for all of us after today’s existential Full Moon jet lag.

What are you feeling? 

Love, MP


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